How much will my OAS payment be? Old Age Security payment questions

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Hi everyone! Hope it’s nice and sunny wherever you’re joining us from. I wanted to post a quick and helpful link about Old Age Security payment amounts. On our post Old Age Security and CPP Payments for 2021, Don left a comment and asked a very important question. He asked what the amount would be for his OAS (Old Age Security) payment come January 2021.

So, I went and did a little research and provided this link for him in replying to his comment. But then I decided that actually a lot of our visitors might find this information helpful! Here is a link to the Government of Canada website that discusses how to calculate what your OAS payment amount will be starting in January 2021.

Maximum Old Age Security Payment (OAS) in Canada

You’ll find much more information on the government’s website, but basically the OAS maximum payment amount per month is $614.14. There are also other benefits available, which you can find on the link I provided above. The Old Age Security benefits are reviewed four times a year – in January, April, July and October – to ensure that the payments are reflecting the increased costs of living.

We really hope this link and information helps you to plan and budget for next year. Please take care all, and stay safe.

CPP and OAS Payment Dates 2020 – Canada Pension Plan payments and Old Age Security

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There aren’t a whole lot of months left in 2020, but I thought knowing the CPP payment dates for the rest of the year would likely be helpful to some of you readers. So, here’s what we found regarding when you’ll be getting your CPP payments for the rest of 2020. Old Age Security payments come out on the same dates, so these will also be included in this list. Hope it’s helpful! Mark these dates on your calendar:

CPP and OAS Payment Date for October 2020

  • Your October CPP payment this year will be coming on October 28, 2020 – so just a couple of days from when we’re writing this post! (This is also the same date the OAS payment will be coming out, too.)

CPP and OAS Payment Date for November 2020

  • Your November 2020 CPP and/or OAS payment will be coming on: November 26, 2020.

CPP and OAS Payment Date for December 2020

  • For the last month of 2020, your Old Age Security and/or CPP payment will be arriving to you on: December 22, 2020.

Knowing when your payments will arrive will help you plan ahead! We’ve also written about financial supports available in Canada during the pandemic crisis, including CERB, and now the CRB and other payments for those who are self-employed OR who have to stay home to care for sick loved ones. Please read these articles for more information: