Larabars on Sale at Amazon – Lowest price Larabars

Hello! If you’re a big fan of Larabars like I am, you’re always scoping out the lowest price of these all-natural bars. Whenever the price is $1 a bar or less I consider it a pretty good deal. And, all types of Larbars are gluten free! (Which is kind of a big deal to us around here.) Right now, the best deals on Larabars on Amazon are: (Please remember that prices are current at time of writing, but can change at any time.)

  • Blueberry Larabars (16 pack) $14.27 (or only $0.89/bar). This is the very best priced Larbar on Amazon right now. The ingredients in Blueberry Larabars are: Cashews, dates, dried apples, dried blueberries, blueberry powder and vanilla.
  • Peanut Butter Larabars (16 pack) $15.99 (or exactly about $1 a bar). This is the next best deal on Larabars currently on Amazon. The ingredients in these bars (which taste a LOT like a peanut butter cookie) are: Dates, peanut butter and roasted peanuts. Yep, only 3 ingredients in total!
  • Apple Larabars (16 pack) $15.99 (or $1 a bar). The ingredients in these yummy bars are: Dates, almonds, dried apples, walnuts, raisins and cinnamon.

Larabars are an awesome snack – or when I get up early (like today) to do some writing, I like to just grab one as a fast breakfast with my morning coffee. The Blueberry bars are a pretty good deal right now, so maybe snag a box while you can. 🙂

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Amazon grocery sale: Chocolate Chip Larabars – Only $12.98 for a 16 pack!

I want to post this one quickly, because this is an incredible deal! Pop on over to snag a box of 16 Larabar chocolate chip bars for only $12.98. (Or click on Subscribe and Save to get the box for as low as $12.33.) I usually stock up on Larabars if they’re $1 a piece, but this is an awesome deal of only $0.81 each! Yahoo! Excellent deal, and they make perfect snacks for the kids. Or, let’s be honest, any one of us in the family.

Larabar Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Fruit and Nut Energy Bar, 16-Count, 720 Gram

Larabars are one of my favourite snacks, because they’re naturally gluten free, and these bars contain super simple ingredients. They’re also low sodium bars, AND contain no dairy. So these are an awesome snack for all sorts of people with food allergies or intolerances. And did I mention they have chocolate chips!?!

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