Shoppers Drug Mart – Sales flyer, and Bonus PC Optimum points and offers this week

Hey everyone! Are you ready to go get yourself a WHOLE BUNCH of PC Optimum points at Shoppers this week? Great! I have my coffee at my side – bargain hunting juice, as I like to call it – and am ready to go find those offers, deals, and sales from the Shoppers flyer this week. Let’s get started!

Please note that these deals are in effect January 23, 2021 to January 28, 2021 – unless othewise indicated.

How much are my points worth?

10,000 points = $10 of free stuff at Shoppers! So, any multiple of 10,000 points just adds up to more free stuff. For example, if you have 50,000 points, you have $50 to spend at Shoppers, etc. 100,000 points equals $100, and so on and so on.

Next Shoppers Drug Mart Seniors’ Bonus Day – Bonus FREE $10 Gift Card

The next Shoppers seniors’ day is Thursday, January 28, 2021. This time around, seniors will get 20% off almost any regular priced merchandise. AND you’ll also get a FREE $10 Shoppers gift card (they call it a bonus card) when you buy $50 or more. Sweet! We really love these double-double type offers. 😉

Bonus PC Optimum points on Baby Stuff & Diapers

  • Pampers super boxed diapers OR Easy Ups training pants – $22.99 – plus buy 2 get 6000 points (Looking for more diaper deals? We do regular diaper deals posts to save you parents more money.)

Bonus PC Optimum points on Beauty and Makeup and Fragrances

  • Burberry fragrances – such as London Eau de Toilette for MenGet 15,000 bonus points each
  • Dermablend professional concealing makeup products – such as Leg and Body makeup – Buy 2 get 12,000 points
  • Escada Candy Love fragrance (Eau de toilette) Get 15,000 points
  • Filorga Meso Mask, glowing radiance facial mask – Get 20,000 bonus points
  • Jergens natural glow self tanning creams and lotions – 180 ml to 220 ml sizes – Get 2000 points
  • Lacoste fragrances – such as Lacoste L’Homme or L.12.12 Get 15,000 points
  • Lise Watier skin care products – such as Masque Hydratant – Buy 2 get 15,000 points
  • Nair hair removal products – such as Nair wax or Nair cream – Buy 2 get 5000 points
  • Neutrogena or Aveeno makeup removing wipes OR Facial moisturizers – Buy 2 get 4000 points
  • No. 7 Laboratories line correcting serum OR Advanced Retinol 1.5% complex night complex OR Restore and Renew skin serum – Buy 2 get 6000 points
  • No. 7 skin care products and skin care sets – Buy 2 get 8000 points
  • Nude by Nature makeup products – Get 3000 points
  • NYX Cosmetics – including the new Shine Loud, Shine High lip colour – Spend $25 get 5000 bonus points
  • Pixi skin care or cosmetics products – such as their NEW! DetoxifEYE depuffing eye patchesBuy 2 get 6000 points
  • ProActiv 3 step 30 day skin care set (for treatment of acne) OR other skin care products by ProActiv – Buy 2 get 10,000 points
  • Quo Beauty hair appliances (hair dryers, straighteners, etc.) – Spend $25 get 5000 points
  • Quo Beauty lip colour (such as lipstick and lip gloss) – Buy 2 get 5000 points
  • Quo Beauty makeup and cosmetics – such as eyeshadow, concealer, foundation, nail polish and more – Buy 2 get 5000 points
  • Quo Beauty mascara, eyeshadow or eyebrow products (many of these products are new! New to Quo Beauty are: Pump Up the Volume maxi-volume mascara) – Buy 2 get 5000 points
  • Quo beauty soaps – Buy 2 get 2000 points
  • Sally Hansen Miracle gel, Complete Salon Manicure or Pure nail enamels (nail polish) – Buy 2 get 3000 points
  • Schick Edge or Skintimate shaving gels or shaving cream – Buy 2 get 2000 points
  • Soap and Glory Flake Away body scrub OR Soap & Clarity cleanser – Buy 2 get 5000 points
  • Strivectin advanced retinol, Advanced Acid or Multi-action skin care products – Buy 2 get 10,000 points
  • Vichy Mineral 89, Aqualia or Liftactiv luxury skin care products – Buy 2 get 8000 points
  • Vichy Mineral 89 Happy Lunar new year set (skin care) – Get 3000 points

Shoppers Drug Mart Greeting Cards Sale/Deal (Points offer)

This is cool, you guys. Especially if you need to stock up on some greeting cards! From January 23, 2021 to January 28, 2021 you will earn 5000 bonus points when you purchase 3 Carlton Cards greeting cards. If you need to buy some cards anyway, why not snag yourself some extra points while you’re at it? That is $5 back for every 3 cards. Sweet!

Bonus PC Optimum points on Vitamins and Health Products

  • A. Vogel Echinaforce cold and flu natural health care products (Elderberry supplement) – Up to 20% off and Buy 2 get 5000 points
  • Benylin sore throat lozenges (cough drops) or cough syrup – $7.99 each and Spend $14 get 3000 points
  • Colgate MaxFresh toothbrush, Optic White stain fighter (tooth whitening) toothpaste, or Total mouthwash (250 ml size) – Buy 2 get 1500 points
  • Hawaiian Tropic (240 ml) or Ombrelle sun care products (sunblock, sunscreen, after sun care, etc.) Buy 2 get 3000 points
  • Jamieson Vitamins A, B, C, D or E, multivitamins or calcium products, selected types and sizes – Buy 3 get 5000 points
  • Life brand shaving cream or shaving gel – Buy 2 get 2000 points
  • Life brand sun care products (such as sunblock or sunscreen) – Buy 2 get 3000 points
  • Life brand vapourizers or humidifiers (Perfect time of year to get a new humidifier! Man, is it dry!!) Get 5x the points
  • Listerine antiseptic mouthwash – different varieties – Spend $14 get 3000 points
  • Life brand disposable razors – Buy 2 get 2000 points
  • Life brand razor systems (where you get one full razor, and replaceable heads on it. This way you don’t have to throw out an entire razor every time you need to simply change the blade.) Buy 2 get 2000 points
  • Life brand natural health products (things such as Life brand melatonin or Life brand probiotics) – Buy 2 get 3000 points
  • Life brand Ultra Thin liners OR pads (larger packs) – Buy 2 get 2500 points
  • Neutrogena acne cleansers (such as their Oil Free Acne wash or Rapid Clear)
  • Secret body spray or antiperspirant or deodorant products – $5.99 each (larger size) – Buy 2 get 4000 points
  • U by Kotex tampons (45’s), liners (150’s) or pads (40’s to 50’s) – Get 2000 bonus points
  • Webber Naturals – Probiotic natural health products (such as their Probiotic 10 Billion or Travel Probiotic) – Buy 2 get 5000 points Deals and Bonus offers this week

These deals are available in-store at Wellwise locations OR by shopping online at These prices and deals are in effect from January 23, 2021 to January 29, 2021.

Wellwise deals on Healthcare Electronics and Devices

  • Amazon Fire 7″ 16 GB Tablet, 1.3 GHz MediaTek MT8136 quad core processor with 1 GB of RAM $69.99 each (The same price is available right now on Amazon. Prices can change at any time.)
  • Garmin Vivosmart 4 Fitness tracker/smart watch with midnight hardware $179.99
  • Garmin Venu SQ Smart Watch $279.99
  • Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch with heart rate monitor $329.99 Home Health Care deals

  • AirGo walking canes or cane accessories – Get 10x the points
  • Bios Living Anti slip strips OR Aquasense bathroom safety products (such as shower or bathtub seats) – Save up to 20% off
  • Cubii Jr. Under desk elliptical machineGet 5 times the points
  • Drive M-Rail home bed assist handle $99.99
  • Drive Medical Bellavita automatic bath liftGet 10x the points Allows your loved ones to still enjoy a bath, and get out safely, without worries of any falls or slipping in the tub.
  • Drive Medical Poly Fly lightweight wheelchair/transport chair – Save up to 20% off
  • Poise or Depend incontinence products – $14.99 each
  • Selected light therapy products (most are specifically designed to help treat SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder) Up to 25% off this week.
  • Signature Life Elite travel walker $224.99
  • So Clean 2 – CPAP cleaning and disinfecting/sanitizing system (machine) – $399.99
  • Tena Proskin underwear – up to 20% off
  • TheraTherm or Sunbeam heating pads – Up to 25% off

Best Deals at Shoppers this Week – Conclusion

Wow! There are quite a few ways to rack up bonus PC Optimum points this week, you guys. If you found any other deals we should know about, please leave a comment. And remember – shop safely while getting these big points. 🙂

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PC Optimum Points this Week – Bonus points, offers and deals at Shoppers Drug Mart

Hello everyone! We are back with one of our very favourite posts to write – and that is what goodies (points!!) you can accumulate this week at Shoppers Drug Mart. PC Optimum points can indeed be very valuable, since the more points you earn, the more points you have to get FREE stuff. And I don’t know about you, but more than ever it seems important to make every single one of our dollars stretch. So those freebies are super important.

Remember that 10,000 PC Optimum points = $10 of free products. And Senior’s Day is Thursday, December 31. This time for Senior’s Day you can save 20% off almost all regularly priced merchandise (when you scan your PC Optimum card or app.) AND…get 10,000 points when you spend $50 or more and again, you need to swipe your card or app. We love a twofer deal – Save 20% AND get bonus points. Nice!

Okay guys, let’s head on to the deals this week at Shoppers. All of these deals are in effect December 26, 2020 to December 31, 2020.

Bonus points this week on HEALTH and BEAUTY Products

  • Annabelle makeup – foundation, bronzer, blush, lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner and more – Selected types and products – Buy 2 get 4000 points
  • Batiste dry shampoo (200 ml) Buy 2 get 7000 points
  • Biotene mouthwash (1 liter size) OR Abreva cold sore treatment (2 gram size) – Get 1000 points
  • Burt’s Bees lip shimmer lipstick/lip gloss/lip balm (I love this stuff! I like the Caramel shade for a nice neutral look with a little glimmery shimmer. The peppermint oil in this balm makes your lips feel fantastic! And this is a very good price this week.) $4.99 plus Buy 2 and get 1000 bonus points
  • Hydrasense, Netirinse or Drixoral nasal care products (Saline sprays and rinses for dry noses! I love the Hydrasense saline spray, which is especially useful here in ultra dry Calgary.) 25% off AND Get 1500 points.
  • Life Brand Co-Q 10, women’s multivitamins or Melatonin natural health care products and supplements – Buy 2 get 5000 points
  • Life Brand feminine products, such as liners or ultra thin pads – Buy 2 get 1000 points
  • Life Brand Omega, probiotic or glucosamine products (vitamins and supplements) – Buy 2 get 7500 bonus points
  • Life Brand razors (and razor systems – meaning there is one main razor component, but you can replace just the blades) – Buy 2 get 1500 points
  • Life Brand shaving cream, shaving gel, or hair removal products (such as wax or hair removal strips) – Buy 2 get 2000 points
  • Life Brand sunblock, sunscreen (all sun products), skincare or hair care products (such as shampoo and conditioner and many others) – Buy 2 get 4000 bonus points
  • Marcelle Essentials or Anti Wrinkle skincare products – Buy 2 get 4000 points
  • Neutrogena wipes, Aveeno duo wipes or Neutrogena facial moisturizers (Selected types and sizes) – Buy 2 get 4000 points
  • Nude by Nature Cosmetics – selected types – Spend $30 and get 5000 points. Plus, all Nude by Nature products at Shoppers are on sale for 20% off this week. Sweet!
  • Proraso shaving cream (looks like the old Barbasol can – did they change the name?) OR Proraso men’s grooming products – Get 10x the points
  • Quo Beauty bath accessories – things like body washing puffs/poufs and scrubbing gloves to exfoliate all over – Buy 2 get 3000 points
  • Quo Beauty bath soap – Buy 2 get 2000 points
  • Quo Beauty foam bath (bubble bath) (1 liter) OR bath bombs/fizzers – Buy 2 get 3000 points
  • Quo Beauty supplements and grooming tools (things like tweezers and eyelash curlers) – Buy 2 get 2000 points
  • Restoralax laxative powder (510 gram size) – $24.99 each. Plus buy 2 and get 5000 bonus points.
  • Revlon Photoready Candid Foundation OR Revlon eyebrow grooming products – Buy 2 get 5000 points
  • Revlon Skin Lights bronzer, Photoready makeup (foundation) and other specialty products like Revlon Rose Glow mist 0 Get 3000 points each
  • Revolution Eyeshadow palletes – 2000 points
  • Secret Collection tights (And yes, it is definitely time to buy some new tights! Have you looked outside at all the snow!?) Buy 2 get 1500 points
  • Soap and Glory bath products – Buy 2 get 5000 points
  • Trojan condoms or personal lubricant – Get 5 times the points
  • Vega All in One nutritional protein shake powder tubs (829 to 876 gram size) – Buy 2 get 5000 points

Bonus points this week on HOUSEHOLD Products (Including toilet paper)

  • Royale bathroom tissue (toilet paper/toilet rolls) – 8 roll packs of double toilet paper rolls – $4.99 each PLUS Buy 2 get 500 bonus points. (Limit of 2 at the sale price; after limit is $5.99 each.)
  • Royale facial tissues – 6 packs – Selected types – $5.99 each and Buy 2 get 2000 points

Bonus points and Deals this week on BABY STUFF and DIapers

Bonus points this week on Luxury/Prestige Beauty Products

  • Dermablend professional makeup and concealing products – Buy 2 get 10000 points
  • Neostrata Skin Active OR Skin Correct skin care products – Buy 2 get 7000 bonus points
  • No 7 Serums (15 ml to 200 ml size) Buy 2 get 10,000 points

Wow! There we have it, another one of our Shopper’s PC Optimum posts. There are all sorts of goodies on sale and with deals on this week, so I hope you find just what you were looking for. And snagged an awesome deal too, of course! 😉

This post contains affiliate links. This means we may earn a commission on sales made through those links, at no extra cost to you.