PC Optimum Points and Bonus Offers this Week – Shoppers and Superstore

pc optimun card to highlight this week deals

Well, yeeeehaw! It’s time to gather up some points for ourselves again. Specifically, we’re looking for PC Optimum points offers at both Shoppers and Superstore this week. By saving up lots of points, you’ll have them available to get free stuff whenever you like! Remember 10,000 Optimum points = $10.00 of free groceries!

Okay, let’s get right down to it and find ourselves some awesome deals on PC Optimum points.

Shoppers Drug Mart Bonus points this week

These offers are in effect August 22 to August 27, 2020

Shoppers has a special short term offer this week for 20 times the points! This offer is in effect Friday, August 21 until Sunday August 23, so this weekend only. This offer is applicable for Shoppers Drug mart locations AND Wellwise store locations. (But, you cannot get these points on wellwise.ca.)

To get your 20x the points…

  1. Open your Shoppers Drug Mart or PC Optimum app OR
  2. Click ‘Load Offer’ in your weekly email OR
  3. Text 20X to 736-898

This special offer is single use only.

SHOPPERS GIFT CARD OFFER THIS WEEK – App Store and iTunes gift cards

As a special back to school offer, get 7500 points back onto your PC Optimum card when you purchase a App Store & iTunes gift card in the amount of $50. Woohoo! That’s like getting $7.50 back.

Health and Beauty Offers

  • Age Perfect haircolor (by Loreal) – Buy 2 get 3000 points
  • Avene anti-aging skincare products – Buy 2 get 8000 points
  • Axe shower gel, body spray or stick antiperspirant/deodorant – Buy 2 get 3000 points
  • Dove men’s antiperspirant or deodorant – 76g-85 g size – Buy 2 get 2000 points
  • Excellence or Magic Root cover up – Buy 2 get 3000 points
  • Herbal Essences Bio-renew haircare products – $5.99 each – Buy 2 get 2000 points
  • I Love…body mist or bath and shower gel – Get 5 x the points
  • Joe Fresh or Secret collection socks – selected types and sizes – Buy 2 get 2000 points
  • Lacoste fragrances – Buy 1 get 10000 points! (To compare – Amazon has Lacoste pour Homme for men fragrance on for $85.68 for the eau de toilette.)
  • Life brand vitamins – C, D or Multivitamins – Buy 2 get 5000 points
  • Life brand vitamins – selected types and sizes – Buy 2 get 2500 points
  • No. 7 skin care products – Buy 2 get 8000 points
  • Oral B Clic manual toothbrushes or brush heads – Get 4000 points on purchase of 1 item
  • Oral B 3D White manual toothbrush OR Crest gum detoxify toothpaste (90 ml) OR Burt’s Bees toothpaste – Buy 2 get 1000 points
  • Pixi Endless silky eye pen or Nude by Nature natural illusion eyeshadow palette – Spend $25 get 2500 points
  • Quo Beauty bath accessories or soaps – Buy 2 get 1500 points
  • Quo beauty brushes, sponges or applicators – Spend $25, get 5000 points (Not a bad time to stock up if you need these items!)
  • Quo beauty cosmetic products – Spend $25, get 5000 points
  • Quo Beauty hair accessories – Buy 3 get 3000 points
  • Quo Beauty hair appliances – Get 5000 points
  • Quo beauty sunglasses – 5x the points
  • Revlon classic nail enamel OR nail care implements – Buy 2 get 2000 points
  • Revlon So Fierce mascara, eyeliner or Ultra HD lipstick – Get 10x the points
  • Sally Hansen miracle gel nail enamel – Buy 2 get 3000 points
  • Secret collection pantyhose, tights or foot covers – Buy 2 get 2000 points
  • Softsoap body wash, 591 ml size – Buy 2 get 2500 points
  • Strivectin advanced retinol OR Acids skincare products – Get 10x the points
  • Vichy Mineral 89 or Liftactiv skincare products – Buy 2 get 8000 points. (Amazon currently has the Mineral 89 daily skin booster with hyaluronic acid for $48.95 for the 50 ml bottle.)

Household Points Offers

  • Royale facial tissues, box lot of 6 packs $5.99 – Buy 2 get 2500 points
  • BACK TO SCHOOL – Papermate pens, pencils or Expo markers – selected types and sizes – Spend $10 get 3000 points

Superstore Points offers and deals this week

And now on to Superstore for even more points! These offers are in effect August 21 to August 27, 2020.

PC Optimum points on GROCERIES AND FOOD

  • Cadbury chocolate bars, Christie cookies or crackers, Maynards candy or Dentyne or Trident gum (Offer on the app only) – Get 5000 points for every $15 spent
  • Clif bars – Boxes of 12 bars each – Buy 2 get 5000 bonus points
  • Frito Lay’s variety packs of chips and snacks – Big multipack sizes – Buy any 2 get 4000 points
  • No Name smoked sausages or jumbo weiners AND D’Italiano buns (must buy both) Get 2000 points


  • Aquafresh, Advil, Children’s Advil, Biotene, Flonase, Polident, Poligrip, Pronamel, Sensodyne, Abreva, Tums or Voltaren – selected items – For every $25 spent, get 5000 points
  • Aveeno OR Neutrogena products – Get 3000 points for every $15 spent

Points on HOME and OFFICE products

  • Canon printer ink – from $20.38 each – Get 1000 points

And there we have it, folks! There are a whole lot of points to be earned this week, particularly at Shoppers. May your points basket be overflowing with tons of points that you can save up and use towards whatever you want. 🙂 Happy shopping!

This post contains affiliate links. This means we may earn a small commission on any purchases made via our links, at no extra cost to you. Thank you.

PC Optimum Points Offers this Week – Shoppers and Superstore

pc optimun card to highlight this week deals

Hello fellow bargaineers! Today is the first in what we hope will be an ongoing series of finding you the very best offers to maximize the PC Optimum points you collect. To get the most recent PC Optimum point deals, please click on PC Optimum Points in our category listing. That’ll give you the most helpful and recent deals.

What’s the value of PC Optimum points?

Collecting PC Optimum points are very valuable, because the more points you earn, the more free stuff you can get! Every 1000 points equals $1 worth of free merchandise for you at either Shopper’s Drug Mart or Real Canadian Superstore. There is a minimum point requirement of 10,000 points before you can redeem – so once you hit 10,000 points, you get $10 of free food or goodies!

The two major places to collect PC Optimum points are at either Superstore or Shopper’s. So, that’s where we’re going to focus our efforts, too. Now, let’s go find some points, bargaineers!

The Best PC Optimum offers at Superstore This Week

Get your shopping gear on, your loonie ready to pop into a shopping cart, and off we go! This week you can add MEGA points to your PC Optimum account! Here are the best deals at Real Canadian Superstore this week (August 16 to August 22, 2019):

  • 5000 points on every $15 spent on Nestle Favourites snack size treats, assorted count sizes (Hmmm…chocolate!)
  • 200 points on a 12 pack of Pepsi soft drinks
  • 500 points on U by Kotex pads, liners or tampons (sale price $6.98; limit of 4)
  • 3000 points on a Club Size (72 pack) of Sunrype fruit to go (sale price $18.98; limit of 4)
  • 2000 points on an 8-pack of Aylmer 796 ml cans of tomatoes (sale price $8.88; limit of 4)
  • 2000 points on an 8-pack of Chef Boyardee mini ravioli OR Heinz baked beans or pasta (sale price $8.68)
  • 1000 points on an 18 pack of Original Wagon Wheels (sale price $3.98; limit of 4) *I miss these so much since going gluten free! Craving some gluten free snacks that will satisfy? Head over to my 25 Best Gluten Free Snacks on Amazon.ca.
  • 2000 points on Mott’s Fruitsations variety pack (24 x 111 grams or 12 x 104 ml) $9.48 each
  • 1000 points on Always pads (36-62 size) or liners (116 or 136 pack size) $10.78
  • 500 points on Litehouse dressings, 591 ml (sale price $4.98; limit of 4)
  • 5000 points on every $20 spent on stationery. (This is a great deal for all of you shopping for Back to School! $5 back in PC Optimum points for every $20 spent.)
  • 3000 points when you buy 2 Joe Fresh children’s mix and match clothing styles (either for baby, toddler, or kids sizes)
  • 1000 points on One a Day or Flintstones multivitamins or gummies (50-90 size bottles) (Sale price $8.98; limit of 4)
  • 1000 points on Dr. Scholl’s insoles, selected varieties (Sale price $16.98; limit of 2)
  • 12000 points on every $40 spent on participating Claritin, Aerius or Restoralax products

This Week’s Best PC Optimum Offers at Shoppers

Valid August 17 to 23, 2019.

  • 8000 points on 2 Vichy Mineral 89 or Liftactiv Skin care products
  • 8000 points on 2 Avene sun care products
  • 10000 points on Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones
  • 10000 points on a Spotify gift card (minimum value $60)
  • 2000 points on HUGGIES Super boxed diapers or training pants
  • 3000 points on 2 Dove Hair care products (selected types and sizes; excludes large sizes)
  • 8000 points on 2 Olay Total Effects or Olay Whip Facial moisturizers (selected types and sizes)
  • 3000 points when you spend $20 on Life Brand hair, sun, acne or skin care products
  • 5000 points when you buy 2 Natural Instincts, Nice ‘n Easy or Root Touch-up hair colour kits
  • 3000 points when you buy 2 Quo full or individual lashes fake eyelashes, selected types
  • 5000 points when you spend $25 on Quo sleep accessory sets, sponges, or cosmetic bags
  • 2000 points when you buy 2 Joe Fresh socks (1-4 pair packs) or Secret Collection tights

Whew! You could have a very impressive points haul this week if you can take advantage of some of these deals. Superstore especially had some amazing bargains on back to school promotions. Hope you can grab a bunch of points, bargaineers! And please post a comment if you got an especially good deal you’d like to brag about.