Cleaning Deals at Amazon Right Now – Scrub away the grub and grime

Is it time to give the tub a scrub? Does the toilet need a good old cleaning, too? Or what about the kitchen – does it need a little love and attention?

Well then, we want to help out with a few fun cleaning products available online right now. We only feature the best, highest rated products…and ones that are affordable, of course. (We are not called Bargain Blog for nothing!) Having some lovely cleaning products – like one that leaves a lovely, lingering lavender scent… good cleaning and tools can make cleaning a bit more fun. Anything that makes cleaning more fun is worthwhile, if you ask me.

Cleaning Tip: Put on some music as you do your housecleaning! Anything with a good beat that you’d love to dance to…It’ll make the cleaning chores just fly on by.

Mrs. Meyer’s Lavender All purpose cleaner

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner, 473ml, Lavender
An effective natural cleaner infused with natural lavender essences, Mrs. Meyer’s makes a great all-purpose cleaning spray for around your home. Lavender is my absolute favourite, but if you like there are other varieties available, too. A few sprays on the countertops, floors, or sinks will clean them up lickety split. Oh, and then there’s a natural lingering scent of lavender that is LOOOOVELY!

Libman 3 pack of Cleaning/Scrubbing Brushes – for Floors, Baths and more

Libman Scrub Kit. Three Different Durable Brushes for Grout, Tile, Bathroom, Kitchen. Easy to Handle, Strong Fibers for Tough Messes
This might not be glamorous, but good and well-made scrubbing brushes really help get your home’s grubbiest surfaces cleaner. We’re talking tub and tile, the floors, and even a good scrub brush for in the kitchen.
$15.53 for a set of 3

Greenworks Bathroom Spray – Natural cleaning spray for bathrooms

Green Works Bathroom Cleaner Spray, 709 mL
Green Works bathroom spray is one of those cleaners that is both natural AND effective! Consistently high reviews, because it just works. If harsh chemical cleaners are just too hard on YOU, then Green Works is a very good alternative. And at under $4.00 it’s a great deal too!
$3.98 a bottle

House cleaning will NEVER feature on a list of dreamy things to do, true. But, it’s one of those necessary things that can be made a lot more pleasant when you have the right tools and cleaners. Hope you found a helpful cleaning bargain today…now off we go to scrub, scrub SCRUB!

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