Frugal Tips and Hints: 5 Ways to Make your Jeans last longer

Blue jeans – we all love wearing them, and during the pandemic it seems like we’ve practically lived in them! Okay, well, jeans and sweat pants and leggings, but who’s keeping track? Jeans get more and more comfortable the older they get, but we want to keep them in good shape so that they last as long as possible. (In fact, did you know that jeans can easily last 10 years or more if you take care of them?)


So, with that in mind, here are our top 5 Ways to Make Jeans last longer

1. Turn your jeans inside out before washing

Why? There are two reasons: it helps the dye from running out of your jeans, and therefore fading them out too quickly. And the second reason is it prevents them from fading out either when you’re drying them outside OR in the dryer. So, turn your jeans inside out and keep them that way until they’re entirely dry. It’ll help to preserve your favourite pair a lot longer.

2. Dry naturally whenever you can

Preserve your jeans by limiting how much time they spend in an electric tumble dryer. That forced drying really takes a toll on your jeans (and on most clothes, to be honest!) Instead, partially dry them and then allow them to air dry the rest of the time, or just air dry them entirely. If you plan this ahead, you can still have your favourite pair ready to wear when you need them, but you’ll also to extending the life of your jeans. And, you’ll save money on electricity at the same time. And during these crazy, inflationary times every bit of energy saved can really help!

3. Wash your jeans WAY less often

I know, it sounds kind of gross, right? But experts say that we wash our jeans way too much. Ideally, we should only wash them after about 12 wears, or some people say after about six weeks! Don’t stress though, as there are ways to keep them feeling fresh without popping them in the washing machine. You can spot clean any area that needs it with a warm cloth and a little liquid soap. OR, just pop those jeans in the freezer in a plastic bag overnight. It’ll sanitize them without any damage whatsoever. Just allow a little time to warm them up before you wear them, or else oh man will your butt feel chilly! 🙂

4. Jeans already faded? Try dying them

A bit of clothing dye in a corresponding shade to the denim is all you need to freshen up your jeans if they’re still in good shape, but are fading quickly. Just follow the instructions on the packet.

5. Add vinegar to the wash when you DO wash your jeans

It’s true! Plain old white vinegar can help the denim’s dye to set to the fabric. Simply add a cup of white distilled vinegar to the load when you’re washing your jeans. It really does help to prevent fading, so that you don’t have to dye your jeans again too quickly.


There are a few tried and true ways to make your jeans last a lot longer! Simple tips like white vinegar in the wash, or turning your jeans inside out really do work. Try a tip or two, and see the happy results of your favorite pair of jeans lasting a whole lot longer.