Walmart Jobs – US and Canada – Finding a career at Walmart

Job hunters, are you searching for Walmart jobs? Walmart is a huge corporation that employed over 2 million people as of 2020! There are always job positions open, either at a Walmart location near you OR at different corporate locations. We want to help you find the job you’re looking for, so here are the most helpful links we could find to direct you towards a variety of different positions at Walmart.

Walmart Jobs in Canada

Walmart Canada’s official careers website offers all the current job openings. So, it’s the best place to start your new job hunt. Job positions range greatly, from sales associates at a Walmart near you, to corporate positions.

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Just some of the current positions listed on Walmart Canada’s website are:

  • Sales associate
  • Department manager
  • Customer fulfillment associate – I believe this means you’d be working in a Walmart fulfillment centre, filling orders that were placed online.
  • Administrative store support
  • Team Leader Operations in Receiving

You’ll be able to narrow down your job search by job type, location and also keywords. So, if you’re looking only for jobs as a sales associate, for example, you can use that as your keyword to narrow down your results.

Walmart Jobs – US

All of the same applies when you’re searching for Walmart jobs in the USA. But, the website is different! Walmart’s main website for jobs in the US is right here. Again, you have a lot of choices to narrow down the exact type of job you’re hoping to find. Here are some of the major departments within Walmart’s organization:

  • Walmart stores and Clubs
  • Walmart corporate
  • Walmart healthcare
  • Walmart technology
  • Drivers and Distribution centers

You can also use keywords and your location to narrow down your job search even more. Just some of the job opportunities currently being listed on Walmart’s career site are:

  • Technicians
  • Stocking and unloading jobs – There are loads of these jobs available across the US! If you’re looking for a job and you don’t mind some hard physical work, there are plenty of opportunities.
  • Auto care centre jobs
  • Fuel station associates
  • Online order filling and delivery positions

These are just a few of thousands of available positions! So, just start your job search on either the US or the Canadian Walmart careers site, and you’re sure to find a job quickly. Happy job hunting everyone. 🙂

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