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Canadian Tire Appointment – Book an Appointment Online (Also Customer Service Numbers)

A lot of people are thinking of booking a Canadian Tire appointment right now. Why? Because it is fall and we know that winter will soon be here in full force. (Can I add a few tears as I admit that winter has already wallopped us here in Calgary?!) And that means we need to change our tires from summer or all seasons to winter tires. Canadian winters can be pretty cold and ferocious. A winter tire gives us that extra help and protection we need.

As a result, many are going to Canadian tire to change their tires. However, many of us do not want the hassle in going in to a store just to book an appointment. Also, there are others who do not like using the phone to make an appointment. It can be stressful being put on hold or being bounced from one department to another. So does Canadian Tire offer an online booking option? See below.

Canadian Tire Appointment – Book an Appointment Online

If you go to their website, they have a section where you can book an online appointment (click here to see). Once here you can select what service you are looking for. You then enter your name and address, phone etc. Also, you will enter the details of your vehicle, your preferred appointment date and any other comments you need to make that are relative to the appointment. Finally, you will submit it by hitting the submit button. The closest store in your area will then contact either to confirm appointment on your selected date or give you some alternative dates. It is easy as that!

Canadian Tire Customer Service Number

However, if you feel more comfortable in calling, you can always call Canadian Tire’s customer support number and they help you get in contact with the right store to make you tire appointment. The number is 1-866-746-7287.


Canadian Tire has a nice online option to book your tire appointment which seems pretty straight forward. This can take a lot of stress of people as they scramble to change their tires because all of us know that winter is coming. And none of us do not want to be caught unprepared when that first big snow dump comes upon us. So let’s all of us prepare because we all know that winter will come. It is a guarantee! Stay safe.