Overstock Customer Service – Phone number and email

Hey everyone! Since we all seem to be shopping online an awful lot now, we thought it would be handy to post some customer service numbers and info for those rare occasions when there might be a problem with your online order. Today, we’re sharing the info about Overstock (both Overstock.com AND Overstock.ca) – just the info you need to get in contact with them.

Overstock.ca Customer service E-mail and Online Chat

Overstock has a special customer service email available for Canadian (and International) customers to use. Use this one: international@overstock.com. Or, if you prefer chatting online rather than sending an email, just click here. Remember to have your order information ready – such as the order date, the order number, etc. The more information you have, the easier it will be to get your order problems resolved quickly.

Overstock.com Customer service phone number and text number

If you’re ordering from Overstock.com, we were able to find a proper customer service number! (I would just try this number for the Canadian site, too. I think it’s definitely worth a try. If you do try, please leave a comment letting us know if it worked for Canadian customers, as I wasn’t able to find an actual unique number just for Overstock.ca customer service.)

Their customer service phone number is: 1-800-843-2446. Customer service lines are open from 8:00Am to 12:00 AM EST Monday to Friday; Saturdays and Sundays their phone lines are open 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM EST.

Their customer service number if you want to TEXT instead of TALK is: 1-385-257-9241. The best part about this is this number is operational to text someone at Overstock 24 hours a day! And I don’t know about you guys, but the idea of being able to text instead of calling is a great option. And you can contact them anytime at all. Win, win!

If you find other customer service info for Overstock that we should know about, please email us, or simply leave a comment. Happy shopping all!

Sam’s Club Customer Service – Phone number, online chat, email and more

Hello, Sam’s Club fans! Today we set out to find all of the customer service contacts we could find for your favorite store – Sam’s Club. This includes phone numbers, online chat options and even a way to email Sam’s Club. So, let’s go and get you that info you need!

P.S. If you’re looking for Sam’s Club Tires information, you’ll find our article on that right here. This article includes information on the simple 3-step process Sam’s Club Tires uses to help you find your new tires, and set up an installation appointment if necessary.

Sam’s Club Customer Service Phone number

The main number to contact Sam’s Club customer service directly is 1-888-746-7726.

Sam’s Club Customer Service Email

If you prefer to write out your concern to a customer service agent at Sam’s Club, then you’ll likely want their email address. They have it set up as an email form on their website, which you can find right here. Simply fill out the form and a customer service representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

Sam’s Club Customer Service Online Chat

Again, for those of us who truly prefer to contact customer service by typing rather than talking, you’ll love this Online Chat option. Go to Sam’s Club’s customer service page and then click on ‘Online Chat.’ The hours of their online chat are Monday-Saturday 7:00 am to 11:00 pm (CST) and Sunday 10:00 am to 8:00 pm (CST.)

Find your closest Sam’s Club location

If you only need to find the closest Sam’s Club, then that’s super easy! Just use their online Locator function, and you’ll be shopping the deals in no time at all. 🙂

Macy’s Customer Service – Phone numbers, online chat and more

Macy’s is a high-end US based retailer that has been in operation since 1858. Yes, you read that right! Today, Macy’s still provides customers with excellent products like jewellery, clothing, and home decor items.

Occasionally, you’ll need to contact Macy’s customer service if you have a problem with your order OR with one of the products you purchased from them. In that case, we have you covered! We went out to find all the Macy’s customer service contact information we could find, to make it easy for you to get in touch with Macy’s.

Macy’s Customer Service Phone numbers

The main customer service line to reach Macy’s directly is 1-800-BUY-MACY or 1-800-289-6229. (If you’re a regular customer, that Buy-Macy number is a very easy one to remember.)

Macy’s Customer Service online chat

Macy’s online chat option is an excellent one if you’d prefer to type out what happened, rather than have to make a phone call. Simply go to Macy’s Help Center page, and then scroll to the bottom of the page for their online chat option. Click on that option and a message box will open, and you’ll be connected with a customer service representative that way.

Does Macy’s ship to Canada?

Yes, Macy’s does ship to Canada! In fact, they’ve made it easier for Canadian customers to order directly from them, in the following ways:

  • Prices listed in Canadian dollars when you connect through to their website from Canada
  • Low international shipping rates.
  • Any duties and taxes are calculated right at the checkout process, so you’ll know your final price right away. No surprise fees when the package arrives.

Macy’s Customer Service – Conclusion

Macy’s shoppers can feel reassured knowing they can receive the customer support they need – either by telephone or by online chat. Happy, safe shopping everyone.

American Express Customer Service Phone Numbers – for Canada and the US

A person with an American express card to denote American Express customer service.

Looking for American Express customer service? You might find it to be a daunting task as American Express is a large company. And as a result, they have a litany of ways that you can contact them. This can make things quite confusing and can make your head spin. It can be frustrating trying to find someone to talk to about a problem or situation. So where can you find easy access to contact information for American Express? Here are some phone numbers below for Canada and the US.

American Express Customer Service Canada

General Information (General inquiries, lost or stolen cards) – 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week – 1-800-869-3016 (toll-free)  1-866-549-6426 (TTY/TDD)

Travel Accident Insurance  – In North America (Weekdays 8am to 8pm EST): 1-800-231-8989 (toll-free)

American Express® Line Of Credit – In Canada/U.S. : 1-800-263-3365 (toll-free), Outside Canada/U.S. : (905) 474-1545 (collect)

American Express Personal Loans – Canada: 1-800-869-3016 (toll-free), Outside Canada: (905) 474-0870 (collect)

American Express Financial Services – In Canada/U.S. : 1-888-461-2639 (toll-free), Outside Canada/U.S. : (905) 474-9383 (collect) 

American Express Customer Service US

General Information – Toll Free Customer Service (General inquiries, lost or stolen cards) – 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week 1-800-528-4800 (toll free), 1-800-221-9950 (TTY/TDD)

Small Business – Phone Customer Service 1-800-492-3344 24/7

Merchant Service – Customer Service 1-800-528-5200 MON – FRI: 8 AM – 8 PM ET

Corporate Cards – Customer Service (Cardmembers Only) 1-800-528-2122 24/7

Travel – Reservations for Air, Hotel and Card Rentals 1-800-297-2977, Outside US 1-312-980-7807 24/7, Cruises 1-800-297-5627 Mon to Fri: 9 AM – 9 PM Sat – Sun: 10 AM – 6 PM ET

Savings 1-800-446-6307 24/7

American Express Loans – Personal Loans 1-844-273-1384 MON – FRI: 9 AM – 8 PM ET, Business Loans 1-888-781-6972 MON – FRI: 9 AM – 8 PM ET


Looking for customer service help can be a daunting task. However, with the above American Express customer service phone numbers above. Hopefully this becomes a much easier endeavor and you are able to contact who you need to to address your problem or situation. A lot of times looking for help is like digging for buried treasure. Hopefully with this information, the digging will be a lot easier.

Pottery Barn Customer Service phone number and Email – How to contact Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn fans know that their favourite store stocks all sorts of beautiful and unique pieces of furniture and home decor items to make their homes one of a kind. But, as will happen with any shopping experience, occasionally you may need to contact customer service. This can be because a product is faulty OR because you have another type of issue with your purchase or order.

We go out to discover all the customer service contacts we can find, so that you can simply call or email Pottery Barn and get your issue resolved as quickly as possible.

Pottery Barn Canada customer service

Canada’s Pottery Barn customer service has a phone number to call: 1-855-860-1079. If you’d like to contact Pottery Barn by email instead, then visit this page to fill out their online email form.

Pottery Barn customer service (US)

The main customer service phone number you’ll need is 1-888-779-5176. If you’d prefer to email Pottery Barn directly, they have an email form on their website that you can fill out. They say on their site that they try to respond to each email within 3 days.

Pottery Barn Customer Service – Conclusion

Thanks for visiting, we truly hope that these phone numbers and email contacts allow you to get your order issues resolved quickly and efficiently.

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