Cat Stax puzzle game (stacking game) for kids and adults: Only $19.98 at

Cat Stax
Cat Stax stacking game $19.98 at

Wow, this is an awesome deal at! (And who even knew that you could get games at Huh! I go there for gluten free goodies and other healthy products. But games!? Cool.) Current price is only $19.98, compared to Amazon where the exact same stacking game is $45.95 plus shipping. Wow. This is quite a deal to be had at, so if you’re looking for a fun new game for the family try this one out. It gets 4.5 stars, and hey piling up cute little plastic cats in a pattern can only be fun. (Did you know we have a cat blog? Yes, it’s true. So, of course when I noticed a cat game I had to mention it!)

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