Cat Toys on Sale Amazon – Funny moving fish toy for cats (Yes, there’s catnip in it!) On sale for $14.43 – Save 31%

You know we’re cat lovers around here, right? Our crazy boy Milo has gradually turned into quite a gentleman! And as cat lovers, we also know that keeping our cats active is important but oh so difficult to actually accomplish. Once cats are past a few years old, most of them get incredibly lazy – especially if they’re indoor cats.

So this flopping fish toy is a great idea. It has a built in touch sensor and starts flopping all around when your cat goes near it! So cute! It gets rave reviews from other cat owners, too. I am pondering getting this for our lazy boy kitty. Oh and it also makes sound! This should totally captivate even a sluggish, lazy cat.

Funny moving/flopping fish toy for cats – Interactive cat toys

Was $20.99, now on for $14.43 – but prices can change at any time. Enjoy this gift for your favourite feline – the catnip should really help ensure they use it. 😉 And when they have fun, I think we have even more!

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