Costco Tire Appointments – Book an appointment online (Also with customer service numbers)

It’s that time of year again when we start to think of changing our tires, or maybe you need to invest in some new tires this year. If you’ve been planning to get your tires changed, then you might want to go to Costco. More and more people are turning to Costco for their tires – whether buying new tires, or switching over to summer or winter tires for the upcoming season.

Costco makes it easy to set up an appointment at your nearest store! Here’s the information you need to seamlessly make a Costco tire appointment.

Costco Canada Tire Appointments

To make an appointment at your nearest Costco in Canada, simply visit Costco’s tire appointment page. From there you’ll find a selection of stores listed, from which you can select your local Costco here in Canada. If you’re having any difficulties with the site, one customer service number/help line you can try is 1-888-426-7826.

Costco US Tire Appointments

There is a different website altogether if you’re looking to make an appointment with Costco Wholesale Tires in the US. This time you’ll need to visit Costco’s Tire appointment page in the US. There you will find a list of all the Costco warehouse locations in the US and you can choose the one closest to you. This time the customer service/help line information you’ll need is 1-800-955-2292. That’s the number to call if you’re having difficulty using the tire appointment website.

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Costco Tire Appointments – Conclusion

Buying tires, replacing tires and/or switching tires over in a new season is never a super exciting errand. But, Costco makes the whole thing a bit simpler with their two different appointment websites – one for Canada, and another for in the US. Happy driving!