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Costco Vitamix – High Efficiency Blenders at the best prices

Are you going to go to Costco to look for a Vitamix? It makes sense because Costco has it all! From tires, to TVs, to phones, to groceries Costco has you covered. Also, products at Costco general are cheaper than most places. it is truly one stop shopping at its finest.

However, do they carry the Vitamix blender? It is a valid question because Vitamix is the best of the best when it comes to blenders. Because of that distinction, they tend to be the most expensive. It is truly an example of you get what you pay for. Also, this means not every store has this product. As a result you might have to go to a specialty cookware or kitchen appliance store where the price can be quite high. But what about Costco? Do they carry Vitamix?

Costco Vitamix – They Have it!

If you go to Costco’s website and look under Blenders & Juicers, you will see that they do carry a Vitamix blender. The current one they are carrying on the date of this article is the Vitamix Explorian E320. This is good news! Costco actually carries Vitamix, which also means you can find these high powered blenders and smoothie makers at a very low cost.

The availability of this product might vary, depending on where you live. However you can put your postal code in at Costco’s website to see if it is available in your area.


Costco has pretty much everything that you could want. They even have Vitamix blenders which is pretty cool. So if you every need an appliance, a kitchen gadget or even a phone plan, why not look at Costco? You might be pleasantly surprised! Stay safe everyone.

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