Does London Drugs price match? Price matching in Canada

Our question of the day is: Does London Drugs price match? So, what does price matching even mean? Price matching basically means you can bring in a flyer – either a paper flyer or a flyer on an app – and show a lower price for the same product at a different store. (The flyer basically provides the proof that the price is indeed lower elsewhere.)

Then, the store that does price matching will match the price of that lower price! Meaning that you can shop at one store, and still get the better prices offered at another retailer. Nice, right?

Does London Drugs still price match?

A lot of retailers have stopped price matching BUT, thankfully London Drugs DOES still price match! So, bring in your flyers (or your current flyers on apps like Flipp) and then show it to the cashier. They will gladly match the lower price, as long as it is the exact same product and size. Hooray to money savings!