Dollar Tree Finds for August 2022 – Best Dollar Tree hauls – Top 10 Finds

Hello, Dollar Tree lovers! I just returned home from a trip to one of our favorite dollar stores, which is of course Dollar Tree. There were lots of goodies to be had, and I wanted to share with you some of the finds I thought you’d like to know about. Including some brand name finds at Dollar Tree, which represents really great value over regular prices at other stores. Okay, let’s see what I found today! These are all from Monday, August 22, 2022. I happened to go first thing, to be there right when they opened at 9:00 am – a good tactic if you want to avoid crowds.

Dollar Tree prices – $1.50 here in Canada

P.S. If you’re visiting from the States, I’ll just let you know that all our Dollar Tree prices are now $1.50 here in Canada, compared to your $1.25. I still think it’s a great deal, as long as you shop smart.

1. Dollar Tree Finds – Water bottle stickers (waterproof)

I thought this little pack of waterproof water bottle stickers was a cute way for kids to personalize their water bottles, especially before school starts. This pack came with four cute, heavy-duty stickers: rainbow diamond, sunglasses, stars, and a cool animal (what kind is HE??) on a beach ball. For $1.50, it’s a pretty easy way to know whose bottle belongs to whom. (I think I got that grammar right? haha)

2. Dollar Tree finds – Autumn florals (fake flowers) and greenery

There was still a nice selection at the Dollar Tree I went to this morning. Some really pretty leaves and flowers (including some really pretty sunflowers, which I adore). A nice way to add a touch of fall decor to your home for a low price.

3. Autumn/Fall decor pieces (and decorative gift boxes) (Fall Harvest and Autumn Leaves and pumpkins)

These were actually open at the top, so I’m not sure if they’re gift boxes, or napkin holders or something? But they’re so pretty!! They’d be easy to use in all kinds of decorative projects for fall in your home. For $1.50 each, they’re a steal of a deal, and would cost much more anywhere else.

4. Dollar Tree finds – Mini Paper cups

These might not seem exciting, but for anyone who makes those tiny decorative cupcakes they’d be perfect! These were located in the wedding/party supply section. They’d also be perfect for any sort of get together, to store little snacks. I’m sure they’d be useful for general crafting, too. Anyway, they caught my eye! LOL

5. Dollar Tree Finds – Star Wars decals

I always notice a Star Wars product! (Not that I’m a fan or anything, but someone else in the house most certainly is!!) These are packs of 5 decals, and are each approximately a 5×7″ size. For $0.30 a piece it seemed like an awesome bargain. Great little addition to a gift for a Star Wars fan, or maybe even for resale on eBay.

6. Dollar Tree Finds – Autumn theme cups and mugs

This cute selection of cups (sorry you can only see one kind in the photo!) is pretty sweet for fall. I love the one in the middle that you can actually see – the ‘Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice’ with a few little decorative pumpkins for detail. The material of the cup was plastic, though, so I probably wouldn’t use it for hot beverages. A nice fitting silicone lid in orange came with this one, but the others had a pale green lid.

7. Dollar Tree Finds – STICKERS!!

Wow, I’m impressed with the wide selection of Dollar Tree’s crafting stickers. If you’re into paper crafts, making handmade greeting cards, or just want a few cute stickers to embellish a regular greeting card – head to Dollar Tree to find loads of varieties. I can’t believe some of these were only $1.50 each! In Michael’s you’d easily pay three times more.

8. Dollar Tree Finds – Art supplies – Pencils and Paintbrush holder and organizer

A simple, white plastic organizer and holder for some of your art supplies. This seemed a pretty handy way to keep those essentials organized. Again, a nice gift basket addition if you’re making an art supply gift basket.

9. Dollar Tree Finds – Dog Treats Galore!

There were cat treats too (and I AM rather a cat lover) but to be honest this section looked tidier and nicer to photograph. Haha Anyway, there are an impressive selection of doggy treats and toys available for $1.50. Even rawhide treats, which I think usually cost about that much each come in a bag of 3 pieces. Next time I visit I’ll check for specific brand name dog treats that you might want to know about.

10. Dollar Tree Finds – Pears body wash with Mint Extract AND Zest 4 packs of bar soap (!!)

I thought these were just excellent values…the Pears body wash sells online at Walmart for $6.97! And is out of stock, so I probably should’ve bought one of these. Oh well…it’s something you should look out for next time you’re at Dollar Tree. AND, a full-size 4-pack of Zest bar soap for $1.50 too. Really nice deals to be had on these toiletries.

Dollar Tree Finds – Conclusion

This was so much fun! If you guys like this feature, I’ll be sure to visit Dollar Tree and share some of the best deals and finds to be had AND especially I like to hunt out all the brand name items. That way you’ll really make your dollars stretch further than ever before. Have a wonderful week everyone. 🙂