TJ Maxx near me – Find the closest location

Have the urge to do a little shopping? TJ Maxx is an always popular retailer that sells discounted brand name clothing, accessories and other items (like decor.) You can always find an awesome bargain by shopping at TJ Maxx. But, to find it, you’ll first need to find a TJ Maxx store close to you! Let’s do that right now.

Finding the closest TJ Maxx location

The simplest way to find the nearest TJ Maxx store is to use their website’s store locator function. Then, you’ll just need to provide your location information, such as city, state or zip code. Then you can select the nearest store to you on a map, and be provided with even more information for that particular store. That information includes phone numbers, and hours of operation. (I sometimes call ahead if I’m visiting a store I don’t normally go to. With staffing shortages, sometimes stores are forced to open later and/or close earlier. Best to check before you go, just in case!)

Have fun shopping, and stay safe! 🙂