Frugal tips: The 1 simple trick to make your Clothes dryer 75% more efficient

This is a simple, but important trick. If you run an electric clothes dryer, then you MUST clean the lint trap every time you’ve run a load of clothes through it.

Did you know: a dryer can lose 75% of its efficiency if the lint trap is not cleaned? You might wonder why that is. Your dryer will not function properly – air will not flow freely through it – meaning that your dryer will not work well. Your clothes will take longer to dry, and of course a clogged lint trap is also a fire hazard!

So, make sure you let everyone in the family know (if they indeed DO help you with the laundry haha) to clean the lint trap after every load of clothing has been dried. Pop a sticky on there if it helps! I use sticky notes for just about everything so this seems like an excellent use of a sticky if you ask me.

OR: try air drying your clothes instead. You’ll save mega amounts of electricity, and your hard earned cash.

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