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PC Optimum points at Real Canadian Superstore this week (September 15 to 21, 2022) Get More POINTS

Hello everyone! Welcome to this week’s Superstore PC Optimum points haul-a-ganza! We want you to know about how to earn extra points this week, so that you can get more free groceries or other necessities. With costs rising every single time we enter a grocery store, we definitely need to get creative with ways to stretch our dollars further. Every 10,000 points = $10 of free stuff.

All of this week’s offers are in effect from September 15 to 21, 2022 unless otherwise indicated.

P.S. Another important note about PC Optimum: You don’t earn points simply by shopping at Superstore. You only earn points on these special offers, which makes them very important indeed if you want to collect a lot of points. (Unlike places like Shoppers Drug Mart, where you earn some points simply by shopping there.)


Cineplex free movie or digital rental for free

This is an offer I thought you’d also like to know about. When you purchase selected specially marked packages of General Mills products, you’ll get a coupon for a free movie or free digital movie rental! See in store for more details. (Limited quantites.) FREE entertainment is always a good thing.

Free food! Free Olivieri gnocchi (when you buy their pasta)

At Superstore this week, when you buy a large (540-700 gram) package of fresh Olivieri pasta, you can get a skillet gnocchi for free! The offer should ring through automatically when you check out, but make sure it does indeed ring up for free. Oh yeah, free food. Makes it even yummier, if you ask me.

PC Optimum points on BABY STUFF and DIAPERS this week

Just a whole lot of baby offers this week, you guys! 🙂 Excellent time to stock up on some necessities and really load up on points.

APP ONLY OFFER: This is a huge offer if you need to stock up on baby supplies this week. But you must load this offer onto your PC Optimum app in order to get it. Get 20,000 points when you spend $100 or more on baby diapers, wipes, baby formula, baby food, needs, or accessories excluding Joe Fresh baby.

  • Aveeno baby, Johnson’s baby products, Polysporin kids or Band Aid decorative bandages – For every $20 spent get 5000 points.
  • Baby Gourmet organic pouches, snacks or baby cereal – For every $10 spent get 3000 points
  • Cerave baby products (all varieties and sizes) – For every $20 spent get 5000 points.
  • Dr. Chase Kolik or Xzema products – For every $10 spent get 3000 points.
  • Gerber cereal, snacks, meals and purees OR Nestle infant and toddler formula OR Materna vitamins – for every $100 spent get 30,000 points.
  • Heinz by Nature baby food jars – For every $12 spent get 4000 points
  • Hello Bello – For every $40 spent on Hello Bello diapers, training pants, baby wipes, baby care products or vitamins and supplements get 15,000 points
  • Huggies econo pack diapers – 72 to 180 diapers in each pack – $34.97 each and 3000 points
  • Hydrasense Baby or saline products – For every $40 spent get 10,000 points
  • Love Child baby food pouches or snacks – For every $10 spent get 3000 points
  • Fisher Price Laugh and Learn little gamer toy $14.99 each and 1000 points
  • FridaMom or Fridababy products – for every $50 spent get 15,000 points
  • Pipette baby supplies and toiletries – For every $15 spent get 7500 points
  • Tommee Tippee baby accessories – For every $15 spent get 5000 points
  • Vtech Stroll & discover activity walker for toddlers – 10,000 points (Price is $51.99)

PC Optimum points on CLEANING and HOUSEHOLD products

  • Family Guard spray disinfectant cleaners $5.99 each AND 3000 points
  • Filtrete furnace filters – For every $20 spent get 5000 points
  • Royale facial tissues – 18 boxes – $18.99 with a limit of 4 – 1000 points
  • Royale Tiger paper towels (6 double roll packs = 12 regular rolls) $12.99 each (limit of 4) and 2000 points
  • Royale Velour toilet paper – 30 double rolls = 60 regular rolls size – $14.99 each (limit of 4) – 2000 points
  • Sylvania LED 19 light bulbs – For every $20 spent get 2500 points

PC Optimum Points on FOOD and GROCERIES and BEVERAGES

  • Cheez-its or Cheez-its Snap’d (a new product I do believe – they look like thinner and cheesier and crispier Cheez-its) – Buy 2 get 1000 points
  • Nestle assorted mini chocolate bars, large box of 50 – $7.99 with a limit of 4 AND 500 points
  • Nestle frozen drumsticks ice cream treats – Big box of 18 for $18.99 and 4000 points
  • Produce: For every $2 spent on acorn, buttercup, kabocha, butternut of spaghetti squash get 500 points
  • Produce: No Name Naturally imperfect red potatoes, 20 lb bag $9.00 AND 1000 points
  • Starbucks coffee pods (Club size) 3000 points
  • Tre Selle feta cheese tub (1 kg) $17.49 each AND 1000 points
  • Tropicana orange juice – 3.78 liter jugs of the refrigerated juices $8.29 each AND 1000 points
  • Van Houtte or Timothy’s world coffee pods (Club Size packs) $28.99 and 2000 points

PC Optimum points on HEALTH AND BEAUTY products

  • Dove Care by Plants deodorant, Body love moisturizing body cleanser – 3000 points
  • Polident tablets or Poligrip paste or Sensodyne toothpaste OR Pronamel toothpaste – Buy 2 get 1000 points
  • Shea moisture shampoo, conditioner or beard care products, selected varieties – 2000 points

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