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Indigo Customer Service – How to Contact Indigo?

Are you looking to get in contact with Indigo customer service with a question you might have or a problem that needs to be solved? Fortunately Indigo provides multiple ways that you can either contact them or have your question or problems answered. See below for more details on Indigo customer service numbers and other types of contact information.

Indigo Customer Service – Call Their Toll Free Number

The most obvious way to contact Indigo is to call them. And this is especially true if you do not have internet to go to the website. They have a toll free number which is 1-833-463-4461. The only downside to calling them is that their might be delays due to high call volumes. Be prepared to wait a while!

Other Ways to Contact Indigo if you Have Access to Internet

If you have access to internet you then can go their website and then go to their help section, you will be given multiple options to either contact them or answer your question. The address to that is right here: Once here, you will have multiple options listed below:

Search Bar – At the top of the page, there is a search function in which you can type in the subject of your problem and it will list some information related that that subject. For example, if you type in return policy, you will be given information related to this topic.

Email – Below the search bar on this page, you will an email button which you can click on to. Once you do, you are given a form to fill out in which you can put your name, email, and the question that you have and then hit the “submit” button at the bottom of the form. Indigo will then respond to your inquiry by sending you an email to your email address you provided them.

Live Chat – Beside the email button on the above page, you see a live chat button. You can click on here and you will be able to communication with a customer service agent via chat. You can then type in your question and the agent will respond to your question. The downside to this option is that if there are high call volumes, this option might not be available.

Digital Assistant – There is also the digital assistant option in which the computer system tries to answer your question. To use it, you click the digital assistant button and then you can click on of the thumb nail options provide or type in your specific question and the system will try to answer it. This is a good option if there are high call volumes and the live chat option is not available.

Order Status – Finally there is the order status button in which you can click and then give your order number, postal code and phone number and it will let you know the status of your order.


The Indigo customer service page provides a variety of options to either contact them or to answer your problems. All of these options are available on their customer service page. Once here, you can click on a button to get the option you want. This is especially good when call volumes are high. So, do you need to contact Indigo? Click the above customer service link (in the first paragraph, above) and you are off to the races!