Keurig Coffee (K-cups/pods) on sale at Amazon – up to 30% off favourite coffee brands (like Timothy’s)

It’s early Monday morning, and of course that means that my companion right now is a good cup of coffee! So, when hunting out some great coffee deals for you this week I managed to find a doozy of a deal! Amazon has some awesome Keurig/K-cup coffee pods on sale this week, and in some of the best brand names. These are all DEALS OF THE DAY for Monday, so check them out…and also please know that prices will change quickly on this deal. So, prices are accurate at time of writing, but can change at any time, as always with Amazon. 🙂

Timothy’s coffee pods on sale – Keurig (Amazon)

  • Timothy’s Rainforest Espresso (30 pack) is $10.49 (or $0.35/each). This is their yummy dark roast, and the K-cup is totally recyclable.
  • Timothy’s Flavoured Coffee in German Chocolate Cake – (24 pack) $10.72 or $0.45/each. All I can say is boy this sounds delicious! Add a little cream to that chocolate flavoured coffee, and you’ll have a gourmet treat that’s quick to prepare. And doesn’t require waiting in a long drive thru line, either.

Kahlua Original Kcups/Keurig Coffee pods on sale

Yum…the original flavoured Kahlua coffee pods are $10.72 for a 24 pack or $0.45 each. Another gourmet cup of coffee made quickly by using your Keurig coffeemaker. This is a light roast coffee base, with Kahlua flavouring added in.

Laura Secord hot chocolate Keurig pods/K-cups

Is it cheating to include hot chocolate in this coffee post? Perhaps, but this is still too good a deal to miss! Their mint flavoured hot chocolate is on for a steaming good price of $5.23 for a 12 pack. That’s $0.44 each. Top with a few hot chocolates or some freshly whipped cream to make it extra special.

There are even more deals available on Keurig coffee pods today at Amazon – so here’s the link to check out all the deals and find your favourite hot drink.