Blue Wilderness Dog Food and Puppy food on Sale with $10 off coupons

Hi dog lovers! Today we’re writing all about Blue Wilderness dog food – actually called Blue Buffalo Wilderness dog food. This high quality dog food is available in many different varieties, and right now on Amazon there are quite a few types that have money saving coupons available. So, today might be time to stock up on Blue Wilderness!

Blue Wilderness Dog Food – $10 off coupons right now:

All of these varieties currently have a $10 coupon available to save you more money! All prices and coupon offers are current at time of writing but can change at any time.

There you go, guys! With some of the supply chain issues affecting even pet food, it might be a good time to stock up on pet food, and this is a deal that makes it worth while.

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Sally Hansen Insta Dri nail color – Instant dry nail polish on sale $3.79 – Regular $6.49 (Amazon sales)

Sometimes, we just need a bright new nail polish to brighten up our hands and hey, even our days! If your favorite nail polish is Sally Hansen Insta Dry – and I love it too, since it dries pretty much instantly, as its name would suggest – then you’re going to love to hear about this sale. $3.79 for all these fun shades. I went searching to find ONLY the $3.79 shades, so this is an awesome bargain.

So which colour is your favourite?

Sally Hansen Insta Dri – Orange, Blue, Purple, sparkly and more – Instant dry nail polish

Right, so the best thing about this nail polish is how FAST it dries, so you don’t have to wait around forever before carrying on with your daily life. Don’t you hate when your nail polish gets smudged and you have to redo a nail or two?

Tons of colours to choose from, including Sour Patch Kids Pump Kid shade ($3.79 currently), featured in the photo above, a creamy kind of orange shade. Surprisingly, I’m really kind of loving that one! But, there are tons of other colours to choose from, and all are currently in stock on Amazon:

  • Full Moon shade (a medium blue) $3.79 currently
  • Hallo Queen (a sparkly silver; super fun) $3.79 currently
  • In a Blush (very very pale pink; quite pretty for anytime at all) $3.79 currently
  • Midnight Drive (very dark, elegant navy blue shade) $3.79 right now
  • Petal Pusher (a glossy lilac shade – it would be really nice in springtime, or hey, any time!) $3.97 currentlyj

This was a fun post to research, you guys. Hope you went and found exactly the right shade of nail polish to cheer up your day – or makes for a nice, inexpensive little gift for a friend. Happy shopping!

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Truform Compression socks Amazon – Compression socks for travel or health (varicose veins)

Looking for Truform compression socks? These are of vital use to people for health reasons including varicose veins or other conditions that cause a poor circulation of blood in the legs.

Through a search, I managed to find a number of different types of Truform compression socks on Amazon. As always, prices are current at time of writing, but can change at any time. We also are Amazon Associates, meaning that we could earn a small commission on sales if you purchase through our link, but it will mean no extra cost to you whatsoever. Thank you for helping us continue to find bargains to share here on BargainBlog!

Truform Compression socks – Large men’s socks in black (15-20 mmHG of compression)

These black men’s socks (really, these are totally unisex so women can wear them too!) are a classic styling, and can be worn like any regular sock. But, of course these Truform compression socks also provide vital, gentle pressure to the lower legs to increase blood circulation and flow. These socks provide 15-20 mmHG of compression and are currently priced at $28.30 a pair. Also available in small and medium sizes.

Truform Compression Socks/Stockings (nylons) for women in Nude colour – 15-20 mmHG of compression

These nude stockings/nylons are a really nice option for women to wear every day. No matter what shoes you’re wearing, these will match perfectly since they’re a neutral/nude shade that goes with everything. Provides good compression at 15-20 mmHG. Currently priced at $24.99, but as with everything on Amazon, prices can change at any time.

Also available in different shades: Navy compression nylons, Beige compression nylons (just a hint more colour to these than the nude ones featured) or they’re also available in black.

Amazon Grocery Deals of the Day: Bubly sparkling water 12 can pack $3.99 (6 flavours to choose from including grapefruit and blackberry)

Drinking less sugar by drinking less pop? Perfect! Bubly is a great choice of a delicious, sparkling water drink that is super flavourful, and yet has no sugar at all. Amazon’s current deal is $3.99 for a pack of 12 – an awesome deal! Bubly also contains no artificial sweeteners – it is only flavoured with natural fruit flavours. Yes!!

You can choose from 6 flavours at this sale price:

  • Blackberry Bubly
  • Grapefruit Bubly
  • Orange Bubly
  • Peach Bubly
  • Pineapple Buble (oops, see what I did there!? I must’ve been affected by those funny Michael Buble Bubly commercials haha)
  • Strawberry Bubly

Bubly 12 packs of bubbling/sparkling water for $3.99. Please note that as always, Amazon prices are current at time of writing but can change at any time at all. Thanks guys!

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Philips Air Fryer Amazon – 32% off – Now $124.99 (Philips Analog Viva)

Are you looking to buy an air fryer? They’re becoming more popular all the time! This Philips Analog Viva Air Fryer is currently on at Amazon for $59.25 off. As with any Amazon pricing, this is current at time of writing, but can change at any time.

Philips Viva Analog Air Fryer – $59.25 off right now

The best thing about an air fryer, of course, is that your favourite foods will have that crispy, crunchy taste and consistence of fried food – without frying! Less fat, and definitely healthier meals while still tasting delicious.

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Heinz Baked Beans on Sale at Amazon – Only $1.27 a can (Grocery deals Amazon; deals of the day)

This may not be a very glamorous post, but if like me you’re wanting to re-stock your pantry with some basics (like canned baked beans), then this might be an important post after all! Cans of Heinz baked beans are an excellent pantry standard – they’re a good source of protein and they taste delicious, too. The maple Heinz baked beans are on for an excellent deal right now – I’d call this a stock-up price, bargaineers.

As always with Amazon pricing – prices are current at time of writing, but can change at any time.

Heinz Maple Style Beans, 398mL
Only $1.27 a can

This is an Add-On product at Amazon. Add-on items are low-cost items that are available to purchase with a total of $25.00 of products purchased at the same time. This way we can purchase small items that wouldn’t normally be available with free shipping! When I’m placing an Amazon order anyway, I always add on (ha! That was totally unintentional) a few of these items to top up the pantry. It certainly never hurts to have a few extra cans of food around nowadays.

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