Michael’s Flyers – Up to 60% off sale until Sunday, June 18, 2023 (And T-shirts for $3.99!?)

Michael’s has a lot of awesome deals on this week, lasting all the way until Sunday, June 18. Just look at some of the deals this week:

  • Ashland summer floral – 60% off
  • Ashland summer plants and containeres – 60% off
  • Artist’s Loft canvases (blank canvases for your artistic creations) – 60% off
  • Bead Landing strung beads – 60% off
  • Belmont frames and shadow boxes – 60% off
  • Cricut materials, mats and tools – 60% off

Gildan T-shirts only $3.99 this week!

And, a crazy deal on T-shirts this week! Only $3.99 for all Gildan t-shirts at Michael’s! That’s insane value, you guys.

This post contains an affiliate link, meaning we could earn commission on sales via our links. At no extra cost to you, of course. Thank you so much 🙂

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