Netflix Customer Service – Phone number and live chat options available

Netflix has quickly become the #1 streaming service on earth! With all those customers, it is inevitable that occasionally people will need to reach out for customer service help. Maybe you have a question about your bill, or even an issue with streaming your favourite shows. No worries! Netflix has a couple of easy customer service options to help you out quickly.

Netflix Customer service phone number

Okay, if you like talking on the phone this will be your #1 choice to get in touch with Netflix. Simply call 1-844-542-4813. They say that if you sign into your Netflix account first and get a code, to then use that code when you’re speaking to the customer service agent.

Netflix Online chat customer service – Instant/Live chat

If you’d rather type away and chat that way, then online chat is your perfect choice. Again, it’s not difficult to get in touch with a Netflix representative. Head over to Netflix’s customer service page and go to the very bottom of the page. On the left hand side of the page you’ll find an option that says START LIVE CHAT. That’s all you need to do!

Customer service for Netflix

We hope these two options get you the help you need! Remember that having your account information available will always make it easier to resolve any issues that you may be having. Enjoy all your Netflix viewing, bargaineers.