Overstock Customer Service – Phone number and email

Hey everyone! Since we all seem to be shopping online an awful lot now, we thought it would be handy to post some customer service numbers and info for those rare occasions when there might be a problem with your online order. Today, we’re sharing the info about Overstock (both Overstock.com AND Overstock.ca) – just the info you need to get in contact with them.

Overstock.ca Customer service E-mail and Online Chat

Overstock has a special customer service email available for Canadian (and International) customers to use. Use this one: international@overstock.com. Or, if you prefer chatting online rather than sending an email, just click here. Remember to have your order information ready – such as the order date, the order number, etc. The more information you have, the easier it will be to get your order problems resolved quickly.

Overstock.com Customer service phone number and text number

If you’re ordering from Overstock.com, we were able to find a proper customer service number! (I would just try this number for the Canadian site, too. I think it’s definitely worth a try. If you do try, please leave a comment letting us know if it worked for Canadian customers, as I wasn’t able to find an actual unique number just for Overstock.ca customer service.)

Their customer service phone number is: 1-800-843-2446. Customer service lines are open from 8:00Am to 12:00 AM EST Monday to Friday; Saturdays and Sundays their phone lines are open 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM EST.

Their customer service number if you want to TEXT instead of TALK is: 1-385-257-9241. The best part about this is this number is operational to text someone at Overstock 24 hours a day! And I don’t know about you guys, but the idea of being able to text instead of calling is a great option. And you can contact them anytime at all. Win, win!