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PC Optimum Points this Week at Real Canadian Superstore – Points haul, y’all!! (Canada rewards programs)

Right, so we’re here to find the very best way to accumulate points at Real Canadian Superstore this week. Why? Because points equals free stuff! When you get points – especially on products you were going to buy anyway – then it really does help to stretch the old grocery budget. And let’s face it: the grocery budget needs to stretch out more than it ever has!

Remember: 10,000 points = $10 of free stuff at Superstore OR Shoppers Drug Mart OR No Frills.

All deals in effect from June 2 to June 8, 2022.

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Let’s get looking for some points, bargaineers! And to make sure you have the MOST RECENT posting, check out all our PC Optimum Points post, and choose the most recent one. There are just a few offers this week, but that 25,000 bonanza offer for new customers of PC Express is definitely one to take advantage of. (That’s $25 in free groceries after all!)

PC Optimum points on FOOD AND GROCERIES

  • BAKERY: French bread only $0.95 (it says in their flyer that it is ALWAYS $0.95, so I really hope that holds true!) – Buy 2 and get 500 points
  • BEVERAGES: Aha sparkling water – 12 pack – 500 points
  • BEVERAGES: Coca Cola with Coffee – assorted varieties – $2.49 each with a limit of 4; over limit price $2.99 each. 500 points (Wow, Coca Cola WITH coffee added? Hello happy little buzz time…hahaha)
  • DAIRY: Monsieur Gustav gouda cheese – $10.00 each and 500 points

PC OPTIMUM Points on PC Express – Grocery pickup or delivery at Superstore

Prefer picking up your groceries at Superstore? Or even having them delivered right to your home. Perfect! This week there is a great offer – Get 25,000 bonus points and one month of free pickup or delivery on your first PC Express order of $100 or more. Use code: NEWPCX25