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PC Optimum Points this Week at Superstore – Collect more points! (January 19 to 25, 2023)

Ready to get more PC Optimum points at Superstore this week? We hear you! We love PC Optimum too, and we write about it all the time! So, let’s get straight to the points, and remember that at Superstore you don’t collect points on every dollar spent, but on deals and promos, so these deals really do matter a lot if you want to collect a whole bunch of points.



All deals are in effect January 19 to 25, 2023 unless otherwise noted. 🙂 🙂

Freebies at Superstore this week – When you spend $300 or more – Free weighted blanket/throw

This week when you spend $300 or more at Superstore, you can get a PC 8-lb weighted throw available in either navy or grey. Worth up to $24.99! You’ll need to spend it in one transaction, either in-store or on the PC Express grocery shopping app. I’ve always wanted to try a weighted blanket…I have friends who absolutely rave about how comforting they are.

10,000 Bonus PC Optimum points on health and beauty brands (Only until January 20th)

There’s only a little time left if you’ve wanted to take advantage of this deal we spoke of in our last PC Optimum Superstore post. Until January 20, 2023 get 10,000 bonus points when you spend $40 or more (before taxes) on the following brands:

  • Listerine
  • Reactine
  • Motrin
  • Benadryl
  • Band Aid
  • Pepcid
  • Imodium
  • Clean & Clear skin care products
  • Aveeno Baby
  • OGX
  • MAUI

PC Optimum points on FOOD & GROCERIES

  • Billy bee liquid honey, 1 kg squeeze bottle $10.99 with a limit of 4 and 1000 points
  • Bothwell cheese, selected club size packs $12.00 each (540 grams) AND 1500 points
  • Lipton chicken noodle soup club pack size $9.99 with a limit of 4 and 2000 points
  • Kellogg’s cereal – for every $5 spent (excluding jumbo or family pack sizes) get 2000 points
  • Old Dutch – for every $5 spent on assorted Old Dutch products get 2000 points
  • PC whole bean coffee (907 grams) OR coffee pods (packs of 30) $14.99 with a limit of 4 AND 2000 points
  • Pepperidge Farm Goldfish snack pack (616 grams) OR family size pack (750 grams) OR crackers, selected club size packages – Buy 2 get 1500 points
  • Pepsi soft drinks – 8 x 355 mls – $5.99 each AND 500 points
  • Pepsi soft drinks – 12 pack cans – 500 points


  • All Wick scented oil refills (5×20 mls) 3000 points
  • Finish dishwasher tabs (72-105s) – 2000 points
  • Lysol disinfecting wipes (75s or 84s) or toilet bowl cleaner (940 ml) – 1000 points
  • Persil laundry detergent – Persil discs (59s or 62s) OR liquid detergent (4.43 L) $18.99 AND 1000 points
  • Resolve laundry stain remover (650 ml) OR powder (625 grams) OR Lysol laundry sanitizer (1.2 L) OR Botanical Origin fabric softener (960 ml) – 1000 points

PC Optimum points on BABY STUFF and DIAPERS

  • Dr. Chase Kolik or Xzema infant products, all varieties and sizes – 2500 points on each

PC Optimum points on MOBILE at Superstore – up to 188,000 points (Wow!)

If you’re looking for a new phone and/or a new mobile plan, then I would definitely head in to Superstore this month to see what they have on offer. They are offering up to a whopping 188,000 points when you get a new phone and plan with them. It says the offer is only on until January 25, 2023. 188,000 points is like $188 of free stuff, so pretty valuable, if you ask me.

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