Target Customer Service – Phone number and Online Chat information (customer support and help with orders)

Time for another important customer service number for: Target! Now, I know that Target is no longer open and operating in Canada, BUT so many of you are still fans of Target from all those trips you took to the States. So, this information is important.

Target Customer Service Phone number

There is one main customer service line you need to know to get help regarding Target products, or your specific orders. That number is 1-800-440-0680. As always, it’s helpful to have your order information prepared and ready – item number, date of order/purchase, and your credit card information as well. (Please be very careful with your credit card information. Anyone who calls YOU and asks for such information – be cautious of! But, if you’re contacting the company directly regarding an order, then they should already have such information. All you’ll need to do is verify the information they already have. I’m shocked by how many credit card scams are operating!! Be careful with your credit cards, guys.)

Target Online Chat Customer Service

For all of us who’d far rather type it out than talk it out, then Target’s online chat feature is the one you’ll want to use! On their website they have a page where you fill out details prior to your online chat with them. This gives them pertinent information they’ll need to know, and then as soon as a chat agent is available they’ll connect with you and you can type rather than talk. Cool, right?

Does Target ship to Canada?

We wanted to check this, because recently Target did ship to Canada. But, as of February 2020 that policy has changed. Target no longer ships to Canada. I know this is a major bummer. I guess the way around that is if you have family in the US and can order something and have it sent to them and then sent to you. Quite a hassle, I know, but that’s the only option I can think of so far. (If you guys have other ideas, please let me know!)

Also of note is that Target has stopped shipping internationally entirely. For now, Target will only ship to American addresses. Sorry guys! This is all updated information still, as of this date. Hopefully Target may eventually change their policy and start shipping again to us in Canada.

Target Customer Service – Conclusion

For any of you who need it, we’ve provided the customer service line to talk to representatives at Target. We hope you get your issues settled quickly. Happy and safe shopping everyone!