The 10 Best Grocery deals at Walmart this week

We are all more concerned with grocery prices than ever before, since inflation rates particularly around food prices just don’t want to go down. So with that in mind, here are the best – and cheapest – foods to buy at Walmart this week. All prices in effect until January 4, 2023.

1. Avocadoes – a bag for under $2

Save a whopping $3 off a 5-piece bag of avocadoes at Walmart this week. This makes these avocadoes only forty cents a piece!

2. BBQ Chicken drumsticks – Save $4

A box of Deli Express chicken drumsticks (size of the box is 625 g) comes in at only $5.97 this week. The flyer also says that price applies to Deli Express chicken wings too, but they don’t show a picture of those or the size of that box. A great meal starter for midweek meals!

3. Breyer’s classic ice cream – Only $2.88

Even the regular price isn’t bad, but this week you can get the 1.66 L tubs of Breyer’s Family Classic ice cream for only $2.88. Less than 3 bucks for ice cream is a great deal.

4. Maxwell House instant coffee – less than half price

Yep, this week Maxwell House instant coffee in the 150 gram jars is only $2.44. Regular price is $4.97. Stock up price, if you ask me!

5. Kraft Dinner (buy in bulk) for only $0.81 each

When you buy the big 12 pack of KD for $9.77 this week at Walmart, that comes out to only about 81 cents a box. A great deal! And come on, if you live in Canada you likely enjoy Kraft Dinner. 😉

6. Great Value fully cooked Italian meatballs OR Swedish beef meatballs for $6.97

Another great meal starter that is super fast! 350 grams, and you can pop these into a spaghetti dish or re-create Ikea’s Swedish meatball meals at home! Yum…

7. Reese Thins – New thinner Reese peanut butter cups for $3.50 a bag

Ooh boy! These look incredible, if you ask me. When you buy 2 bags of these new Reese Thins PB cups, you get them for only $3.50 each. Individually they are $4.68 each.

8. Lysol cleaners – 3 for $10

This is a great deal when you consider that some of these bottles of Lysol cleaners sell for $4.77 each. Includes Lysol all purpose cleaners or trigger spray cleaners. Selected and varieties.

9. Bounty paper towels – big pack – 8 rolls in the pack – Save $6.50 this week

If you love Bounty better than any other paper towels, then this is a good time to buy some more. Save $6.50 this week on the 8-pack. Now on for $16.97. (Was $23.47.)

10. Fairlife ultrafiltered milk – 1.5 liter bottles $4.17

This is a savings of $1.60! This milk gives you 50% less sugar than regular milk AND 50% more protein, or so the bottle says.

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