Fountain Tire Appointment – Phone numbers and Online chat

Fountain Tire is one of Canada’s most popular tire retailers. Did you know that Fountain Tire currently runs 160 locations in Canada? If it’s time to change your tires – or even to get your tires aligned, or to shop for new tires – then you’ll want to know how easy it is to make an appointment with Fountain Tire.

Fountain Tire Near Me – Finding the closest location

I’ve found that the easiest way to find the closest Fountain Tire to where you live is to simply visit their website’s appointment page. The nearest location should pop up in the upper right hand corner. You can confirm whether that is the location you’d like to make an appointment with.

Fountain Tire appointments – Phone numbers to book an appointment

The information about that store closest to you (which we just mentioned above) will also include the phone number you can call to book an appointment. That is a direct phone number to the Fountain Tire nearest you. Fountain Tire doesn’t have a 1-800 number to make an appointment at any of their locations across Canada.

Other ways to book an appointment: – Live Online chat with Fountain Tire

The same booking an appointment page has a link to a Live online chat option. If you prefer to book your appointments by typing it out in a chat box, rather than talking on the phone, then you’ll love this! Find the online chat option by clicking on a blue box at the lower right hand corner of the screen. It’ll say either: Online Chat AVAILABLE or Online Chat UNAVAILABLE. You’ll need to wait until a chat agent is available in order to chat with them online and ask questions or book your next appointment.

Tire Fountain appointments – Conclusion

There you have it! Tire Fountain makes it easy to book an appointment for vehicle service, or a tire change. Simply visit their website and get the information about the store located closest to you, and then book that appointment.