A person exercising to denote person who could call Under Armour customer service.

Under Armour Customer Service – Phone Numbers and Online Chat (for Canada and the US)

Are you trying to find Under Armour customer service information? It might seem to be a daunting task. This is because Under Armour is a huge global sports apparel company which is still growing. Because of this it might be a challenge to contact someone if you have a problem you need to solve. It can be potentially frustrating. Fortunately, there are some contact information if you have a problem. Here are some of these details below on who to contact in the US and Canada.

Under Armour Customer Service US

IF you go to Under Armour’s website here, you will be brought to the customer service help center page. Here it shows how you can track and order, return and exchanges, bulk orders and frequently asked questions. However just below that you can get some contact information which I will put right below.

Toll Free Number: 1-888-727-6687 Mon-Sun: 8am-12am EST

Live Chat – Chat with a member of our support team. Mon-Sat 8 am – 8 pm ET Sun 11 am – 8 pm ET. A nice feature of the live chat, is that it gives you the expected wait times.

Finally there is a Find a store feature on the page where it will find the closest store to you.

Under Armour Customer Service Canada

If you go to Under Armour’s help Center page for Canada here, you will be brought to a form you can fill out if you have a question. There is also an option to look at frequently asked questions. If you still need to contact someone, they have more information below.

Toll Free Number: 1-888-666-1182 Mon-Sun: 8 am – 8 pm ET

The page also has a Live Chat that you can click on to chat with someone. The times for this function is Mon-Sat 8 am – 8 pm ET and Sun 11 am – 8 pm ET. Finally there a find a store locator that you can click on to find the closest store in your area.


Under Armour has options if you need to contact someone with a problem or issue. This is a good thing because problems arise at times. It is also nice that you can email, chat or call to discuss. This gives people options depending upon what is comfortable for them. Under Armour has some contact options which is a good thing.