Watercolours Art Set – Now $27.99 (with coupon) – Includes watercolour paint, brushes, palette, paper and more

Here’s a great deal on a little art set for anyone who wants to try some watercolour painting. Comes with everything you need to get started, and for under $30 it’s an awesome deal of the day! 28 different watercolour paint colours, so a nice amount to get started with. And painting is such a relaxing thing to do, especially now that the weather has turned nicer and the sun is out! Get outside, soak up some of that beautiful sun and try a little painting. And remember the sunscreen! 😉

P.S. To get the best price, make sure to click on the $2.00 coupon box!

Watercolor paint set – $27.99 (with coupon) (Please note that prices can change at any time and that this sale price was current at time of writing.)

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