Where can I buy balcony flowers in Calgary right now? (June 2020)

This is a different post, but I honestly need some advice! I think because everyone is still (mostly) staying home more than usual, they are also gardening more than usual. And so there seems to be a real shortage of outdoor plants for a balcony garden. I’ve tidied up our balcony, but would love to find some nice flowers to put out there.

Does anyone in the local Calgary area have some tips on where we can find some pots of flowers for our balcony? We’re just looking for a few pots of easy to care for flowers, so that when we look out we see some blooms and blossoms. Any tips would be very appreciated!

All we have found so far are a few pots of flowering plants at a Co-Op down in Deer Valley – but they were $29.99 each. Has anyone found other potted outdoor plants for a bit less? Thanks!

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