Amazon Diaper Deals – Huggies and Pampers diapers on sale this week

If you prefer to buy your diapers online, then we have all the information you need! For instance, today’s goal is to find the best deals on diapers on Amazon. We’re going to search for the best deals on the two top brands of diapers in Canada – Pampers and Huggies. Let’s go!

Amazon Deals/Sales on HUGGIES Diapers this Week

Amazon Deals/Sales on PAMPERS Diapers this Week

  • Pampers Pure Protection diapers (which are hypoallergenic) are on for $24.56 for a pack of 58 diapers. ($0.42/each.) These ones are always more expensive per diaper, as they have fewer allergens – so are great for babies with sensitive skin and/or allergies. And, this type of diaper also is enriched with shea butter, to provide extra comfort for baby’s skin.
  • Pampers Swaddlers Active Baby diapers – a one month supply (for instance, that means 150 diapers for a Size 4 baby) is $40.84 or $0.27/each.
  • PAMPERS WIPES: Best deal I could find on Pampers wipes today is this 6X pack of Pampers Sensitive wipes for $11.38 or only 3 cents each! That’s a great deal, especially for the sensitive wipes.

Diapers on Sale at Amazon Canada this Week

There you go, guys! As always, please remember that Amazon’s prices change regularly, so these prices are accurate at time of writing.

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