Best Produce Deals in Calgary and Edmonton – Cheapest Strawberries this Week in Alberta (Fruit sales)

Good morning! Hope you have your lovely cup of coffee ready at your side (as I do, and homemade gluten free blueberry muffins to boot.) So, that means I’m all set to go search out some best deals, sales and bargains for you guys to help you save money. What better way could there possibly be to start a Monday morning off right?

Today, I’m on the hunt for the best priced strawberries in Calgary and Edmonton. Produce prices can really affect our overall grocery bill, so let’s take a peek at how you can snag the best price on berries this week in Alberta.

Walmart Strawberries on Sale this Week

1 pound of regular strawberries this week at Walmart will cost you $2.47. Price is in effect until Wednesday, April 6, 2022. This is by far the best price this week!! Excellent deal – even to stock up on and perhaps freeze for smoothies.

Cheapest prices/best deals on ORGANIC STRAWBERRIES this week

  • has an awesome deal this week – 30% off their regular price. Only $5.99 for a pound of organic strawberries.
  • Otherwise, organic strawberries have really seen a price increase! Both Safeway and Sobeys have them this week for $7.99. (gulp! Is it just me, or does that seem really high??)

Strawberries on Sale this Week in Calgary and Edmonton – Conclusion

Not too many prices to compare on berries this week, you guys! So, for regular berries Walmart wins at $2.47, a truly excellent price! Organic berries are $7.99 at Sobeys and Safeway, but SPUD.CA has them for only $5.99 if you ever place orders with them for your local produce.

P.S. This OXO strawberry huller makes it super easy to remove only the green bit at the top, saving all the precious fruit to actually eat. Nice gift for someone who loves fresh strawberries. It’s one of those gadgets you’ll actually use.

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