Amazon Jobs – Finding a local career with the online giant

Searching for a job? We want to provide you with all the help we can possibly give, and this time it’s all about Amazon jobs. The online mega-retailer is always looking for new people to join their ranks, including at home customer service jobs! Let’s discover what jobs Amazon currently has listed.

WFH (Work from Home) Jobs with Amazon

I was curious to see if Amazon currently has a WFH-friendly job atmosphere. Depending on what type of job you’re actually looking for, Amazon does seem quite willing to have their workers work from home. But, it appears that it depends on which specific team you’re working for. (This is all related to corporate positions at Amazon, by the way.)

Amazon CEO, Andy Jassy, wrote a memo about this back in October, 2021. (If something more recent becomes available, I’ll be sure to update this for you.) You can read about the flexibility of returning to back to the office jobs here.

But, if you’re looking for work from home customer service jobs with Amazon, then you’ll be pleased to know that these definitely do exist! These jobs are perfect for stay-at-home parents, students, or anyone who really prefers to work from the comfort of their own homes. You can find a listing of ALL of those jobs currently listed right here on Amazon’s job site. Of course, when you get there, simply narrow down the selection of jobs by using the same search term: “work from home”, and then using your local location in the location box.

Amazon Jobs listings – Current Amazon career openings

Amazon has a website entirely devoted to current job openings, no matter what type of position it is you’re looking for. Some of the major categories of types of jobs available include:

  • Jobs at Amazon warehouses (fulfillment centers) – This has a portal all its own, with all of these types of jobs listed.
  • Jobs for software developers – Obviously, this is a huge aspect of Amazon’s business, keeping that huge website operating 24/7.
  • Jobs and other opportunities for students – both internships are offered, and full-time roles for students.

Amazon Jobs – Conclusion

No matter what type of position it is you’re looking for, you’ll likely find some job opportunities with Amazon! We hope that this article helped direct you to the starting line as you seek out a new job with Amazon. Happy job hunting everyone!

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