Apple Customer Service – Phone numbers for Canada, the US and Worldwide (Europe and Asia)

Apple customer service is always available and ready to help with any of your questions about your Apple products. Whether you have a MacBook or an iPhone or two, you can always get help when you need to. So, let’s find the specific phone number you’ll need to call to access that customer support.

Customer Service Apple – in Canada – Phone Numbers

Let’s start out in Canada. Apple has a technical support number, probably the most useful customer service number you’ll find for Apple products here in Canada. That number is 1-800-263-3394. We’re happy to note that this customer service number is the same if you prefer to speak in French. So, French or English speaking, use that number to speak to Apple support in Canada.

Customer Service Apple – US phone numbers

If you’ve found us from the US, you’ll need a different set of product support/customer service numbers for Apple. That number is 1-800-275-2273.

Customer Service numbers – Worldwide, including Europe and Asia

If you’re visiting from another country around the world – such as a country in either Europe or Asia, then we still have you covered! Apple’s website lists all of their customer service numbers for every country. Simply click through to find the right contact information for the country you reside in.

Apple Customer Support for Products – Conclusion

We found the customer support/product support numbers for both the US and Canada, plus a link to help you find the correct contact for any other country around the world. We hope this helped you get the help you need for your favourite Apple products.