Sullivan Tire – 73 Locations and deals on Tires (Trucks and cars)

Hello tire lovers! Well, perhaps you actually aren’t a tire lover, but it’s that time of year again when you need to change out your tires. Or, maybe it’s just that your tires really need to get replaced, regardless of the season. We have you covered! (We’ve also written about Tire Changes at Costco and how to make an appointment, if that helps.)

There are 73 retail locations of Sullivan Tires located throughout New England. (Plus, they also have 15 commercial truck centres – so if you need to replace the tires on your long haul truck, they’ll have what you need.) And, since many of you living near the US border (or those of you visiting us from the US!) you could find this information useful. Getting your tires changed in the US could save you a lot of money.

You can visit Sullivan Tire’s website here OR go straight to their locations page here. That way you’ll find the location nearest to you. They also have a Specials page here, so you can view which tires are currently on sale. Or – want to go ahead and make an appointment? Then you can on their Book an Appointment page.