Best Buy Customer service – Phone number and Online chat

Hello! Today we’re helping you find all the ways to contact Best Buy. If you have an issue with a product you purchased from Best Buy, or if you need help with an order – then you need to know this information. And, we do all the research to discover all the ways you can contact Best Buy, so that you can get customer service help in the way you’re most comfortable communicating. (Some of just prefer typing rather than talking!) Okay, let’s go find this info!

Best Buy Customer Service phone number (Canada & US)

Call 1-866-237-8289 to talk to a customer service representative. An easy way to remember this is that it’s 1-888-BEST-BUY. As always, be sure to have all relevant information available at the time you call. This could include your invoice, your credit card invoice, your receipts, etc. Also have any product information ready as well – such as the model number of your gadget. The more information you have available when you call, the more help the agent will be able to provide you. The agents are available from 8 am to 12 am every day! (That’s pretty awesome.)

Best Buy Customer Service – Online Chat (Canada)

So, some of just prefer online chat rather than talking on the phone. I’ve also noticed that for almost every retailer (you can find the customer service numbers of lots of retailers we’ve profiled here) online chat is the far FASTER way to get your issue resolved. To chat online in Canada with Best Buy, visit their Contact US page and click on Chat. You’ll notice a green light if an agent is available at that moment. They also recommend that if there isn’t an agent at that moment (and a red light is showing), to simply wait a minute or two until the green light appears and then you’ll be able to chat with a rep. Again, have all order and/or product numbers and invoices available so that you can get the help you need efficiently.

Best Buy Customer Service Online Chat – US

And, if you’re from the US and want to chat online to Best Buy’s customer service team then head to their Contact Us page on their website. From there click on CHAT NOW. It says on the site that this way is usually the quickest way to get help, and I have certainly found that to be true.

Best Buy Customer Service – Online chat and phone numbers – Conclusion

There we have it! Whether you prefer to speak to a customer service agent or – as is more often the quicker option – chat with them online instead, we have you covered! Hope you get all your order issues settled quickly and efficiently.

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