Best priced Larabars on sale at Amazon right now – $16.99/box for the popular Peanut butter Chocolate Chip (Yum!!) 32% off

I just picked up a box of these myself (am snacking on one as I tell you about it, in fact!) I’ve noticed that the very popular peanut butter chocolate chip Larabars have been out of stock on Amazon for a long time now, so as soon as I saw these I not only popped one in my Amazon shopping cart BUT also decided to tell you guys about it too! $16.99 for a box of 16, so just a bit over $1 a bar. But please also note that prices on Amazon can change at any time, so if you see these at this 32% off price, snag the deal! 🙂

16 pack of Larabars $16.99 – 32% off regular price.

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