H&M Kids – Canada and US – Customer Service phone numbers

H&M Kids is a super popular store for Canadians looking for cool clothes for their little ones. And, of course there are H&M Kids stores in the US, too. I’m going to link to all of those locations AND provide you with some customer service information in case you need to contact H&M about an order, or you have some other type of question about their products.

H&M Kids Canada – Customer service phone number

H&M Kids Canada will take you to their main Kids clothing page. (Right at this current moment they have a No Minimum spend FREE Shipping event, but that is for a limited time. Great deal, though! And even if you missed that current special, check back for it again.)

Now, if you want to contact H&M Kids specifically about a product or an order, then you’ll need their customer service information. H&M’s customer service number in Canada is 1-855-272-7007. The phone is manned with customer service reps from Monday to Sunday (or every day) from 8 AM until 11 PM (EST.)

H&M Kids – US – and Customer service phone number

H&M Kids in the US of course also has their own website AND different customer service contact information. This time, you’ll need the number: 855-HNM-SHOP (855-466-7467.) This number is manned with customer service agents 24/7 – so call anytime, day or night and you’ll be able to get the help you need with your order, or any other questions.

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