24% off 5 STAR Hydro Flask stainless water bottle – Dishwasher safe AND BPA Free

You don’t find too many water bottles on Amazon with over 25,000 reviews and a perfect 5 star rating. Impressive. Here are 5 reasons why people LOVE their Hydro Flask bottles:

5 Reasons to Love a Hydro Flask reusable water bottle:

  1. It’s dishwasher safe. Need I say more? Everyone in the anti-hand washing brigade should cheer! (And not only is it dishwasher safe, but it stands up very well over time to pretty constant cleaning in the dishwasher.)
  2. It’s BPA free, so a healthier choice to stay hydrated. No BPA lining to worry about.
  3. It’s very well insulated, so all drinks will stay icy cold for hours and hours. In fact, customers say that if they add ice to their Hydro Flask, even the ice will stay intact for hours. If you need your water to be cold to keep drinking it, then this will really help.
  4. 18/8 stainless steel construction, so meant to be sturdy and durable. If you’re looking for a real stainless steel bottle, then this is it!
  5. Also keeps drinks hot! If you want a steaming hot cup of coffee or tea at LUNCH, then fill this in the morning and Bob’s your Uncle. (Or Sue’s your aunt, whichever you prefer.) Meaning of course: your beverage will still be nice and hot and enjoyable hours later. So you won’t be as tempted to pop over to Starbucks and pay $10. 😉

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