Make Money at Home Online – 5 Ways to Make Money with Fiverr if you’re NOT a Writer

Remember when working at home was for the fortunate few? Now, so many of us are working from home, pounding away at our laptops to earn a living. But, are you still looking for a new side hustle to add to your income? Fiverr started out as a small website – as they all start out, really! – but has grown to being a major hub for all types of freelancers looking for work. If YOU are looking for new freelance assignments, then we have five different types of work you can do with Fiverr. And we specifically looked for ways to earn money without being a writer, because Fiverr is about a lot more than just freelance writing.

1. Voice over work

Voice over work means you provide the voice for a video or other production. Cool, right? Maybe you have one of those lovely voices that makes all your friends say: “You should really be in radio or something.” Or, maybe you have a quirky voice that would work well for marketing purposes. Companies are looking for you! You first select the language that you’re available to do voice over work in, and then you head to the listings of assignments companies are looking to fill. I think this is one of the coolest types of work-at-home jobs you could ever find. It’s still hard work, yes, but fascinating work.

2. Design logos

Do you have an artistic flair? Love to doodle and create images? Then you might find your niche freelance work designing logos. You could end up designing logos for little Mom and Pop shops or even large corporations! All types of designs and styles are needed.

3. Develop WordPress sites and blogs

If you have some experience with WordPress – and a shocking 39.5% of ALL websites online (as of 2021) are now powered by WordPress – then you can help someone develop their blog or website. It doesn’t take extraordinary skill, but just an understanding of how WordPress works and how to use the all-important plugins. You could turn those skills into some extra money pretty quickly.

4. SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) skills are in hot demand by any company. An SEO expert can create a lot more organic traffic to their clients’ websites, and all by utilizing keywords to draw people to those sites. SEO takes a lot of research and time, and a lot of trial and error to be honest. But, if you have SEO skills, then you’ll be able to find clients who want to use you. And (hooray!) pay you.

5. Illustrations and graphics

Creating cool illustrations and graphics can earn you a pretty penny. You might create graphics for websites, blogs or even print copies of marketing materials. Again, if you’re a naturally artistic person, this might be a very good fit.

Earn Money at Home with Fiverr (No Writing skills needed)

See? There are tons of ways you can freelance from home, using Fiverr as a way to find clients. We didn’t even get in to all the ways you can make money freelancing as a writer, but that’ll be a topic we develop another day. Stay creative, friends!

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