Make Money at Home Online – 5 Ways to Make Money with Fiverr if you’re NOT a Writer

Remember when working at home was for the fortunate few? Now, so many of us are working from home, pounding away at our laptops to earn a living. But, are you still looking for a new side hustle to add to your income? Fiverr started out as a small website – as they all start out, really! – but has grown to being a major hub for all types of freelancers looking for work. If YOU are looking for new freelance assignments, then we have five different types of work you can do with Fiverr. And we specifically looked for ways to earn money without being a writer, because Fiverr is about a lot more than just freelance writing.

1. Voice over work

Voice over work means you provide the voice for a video or other production. Cool, right? Maybe you have one of those lovely voices that makes all your friends say: “You should really be in radio or something.” Or, maybe you have a quirky voice that would work well for marketing purposes. Companies are looking for you! You first select the language that you’re available to do voice over work in, and then you head to the listings of assignments companies are looking to fill. I think this is one of the coolest types of work-at-home jobs you could ever find. It’s still hard work, yes, but fascinating work.

2. Design logos

Do you have an artistic flair? Love to doodle and create images? Then you might find your niche freelance work designing logos. You could end up designing logos for little Mom and Pop shops or even large corporations! All types of designs and styles are needed.

3. Develop WordPress sites and blogs

If you have some experience with WordPress – and a shocking 39.5% of ALL websites online (as of 2021) are now powered by WordPress – then you can help someone develop their blog or website. It doesn’t take extraordinary skill, but just an understanding of how WordPress works and how to use the all-important plugins. You could turn those skills into some extra money pretty quickly.

4. SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) skills are in hot demand by any company. An SEO expert can create a lot more organic traffic to their clients’ websites, and all by utilizing keywords to draw people to those sites. SEO takes a lot of research and time, and a lot of trial and error to be honest. But, if you have SEO skills, then you’ll be able to find clients who want to use you. And (hooray!) pay you.

5. Illustrations and graphics

Creating cool illustrations and graphics can earn you a pretty penny. You might create graphics for websites, blogs or even print copies of marketing materials. Again, if you’re a naturally artistic person, this might be a very good fit.

Earn Money at Home with Fiverr (No Writing skills needed)

See? There are tons of ways you can freelance from home, using Fiverr as a way to find clients. We didn’t even get in to all the ways you can make money freelancing as a writer, but that’ll be a topic we develop another day. Stay creative, friends!

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Make Money at Home Selling on eBay – 10 Places to Find Stuff to Sell on eBay $$

Whether you call it a side hustle, a work from home opportunity or just a hobby it all means the same thing: extra money made from the comfort of your own home. eBay is an awesome place to earn a bit of extra money, because it’s easy to start selling – today! But, to start selling, you need stuff to sell. That’s where we come in to help.

10 Best Places to find stuff to sell on eBay

  1. At home – Of course, we want to find FREE stuff to sell as much as possible! If the item was free to begin with, then after we take off eBay’s fees (for listing and for selling) we are left with a lovely, large profit. Rummage through your closets, shed, garage, storage areas, office area, kitchen, dressers and drawers. You’ll be amazed by what you can find to sell online through an auction. And hey, you’re also decluttering at the same time – the ultimate win, win!
  2. Find Freebies in your local area – We happily live in an apartment. My husband and I are so NOT the kind of people who want to shovel snow or tackle an overgrown lawn with a mower. But, one handy benefit to this is that sometimes our friendly neighbours leave goodies out that they don’t want to throw away, but no longer need themselves. Case in point? I myself have left out some really nice dishes that I just didn’t have the space for, and didn’t want to be bothered selling. And, just today I found an awesome new-looking hardcover book about the American Revolution. The price on the back? $38.99 Canadian!!(Curious about it? It’s this book right here.) If you live in a house, you can find freebie piles in the front of your neighbours’ homes, especially in the spring when people are spring cleaning. Ca-ching! Did you hear that? It was your eBay sales replenishing your Paypal account. Woohoo!!
  3. Ask around – Sometimes, you just let to need your friends, family and workmates know that you’re starting up an eBay business. Instead of having to cart their boxes of extra stuff, they might be very glad to let you come pick it up instead. It helps them get rid of junk, and at the same time gives you some cool items to sell online.
  4. Yard sales and garage sales – These are yet another opportunity for you to find some goodies to re-sell. Near the end of the day, some people slash the prices on items just to get rid of them or even put out a FREE box. Yard sales are a great place to find kids’ clothes, toys, dishes and cutlery, home decor items and just about anything you can think of! And, a wee bit of bartering is expected – so try to barter the price down a little. It’s quite satisfying to get the item for less. (In the time of COVID, garage sales are not nearly as common. If you do find one, please shop very safely.)
  5. Clearance sections – Sometimes, a supermarket, drug store or mega store like Walmart will clear out items that haven’t sold well or are being discontinued. But, discontinued items sell really well on eBay! So, even if that shade of lipstick or hair colour looks sort of odd to you, you may find that it’s a little money maker! (You can pop online while you’re still at the store and see how those exact items are selling on eBay. Discontinued haircolour can fetch incredibly high prices.)
  6. Local Kijiji ads can be a great resource for finding items to sell online. I’ve found entire sets of dishes (no, not the ones I got rid of earlier, I promise!) for $50 that originally were worth 10 times that. And, the beauty of eBay is that you can just sell things individually, allowing for a greater profit margin.
  7. Local Facebook groups – My dear friend Sara, who is a Mom, is always finding amazing lots of kids’ clothes and toys on local Facebook groups. She gets them for her boys to wear and play with, but this is an awesome spot to keep your eye open for goodies to sell, too.
  8. Thrift stores – Have you checked out your local Goodwill recently? Stuff that might seem sort of lame may actually sell well on eBay! Again, a little research ahead of time will allow you to know what does and doesn’t sell. You can even do a quick eBay check while you’re in the thrift store, just to make sure you’re not wasting money on items that will just linger for months on your eBay listings. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that! As long as it eventually sells,it’s a win – but a quick selling item is obviously preferable. We want to boost up our Paypal accounts pronto!)
  9. Local auction houses – This is not something I’ve ever tired personally, but I see ads in the newspaper for local auctions. These can include very large items like furniture, which obviously wouldn’t be easy to sell on eBay. (Unless you’re willing for people to pick the item up, and you only sell locally.) But, if you can snag a good deal on a box of kitchen gadgets, jewelry, or books – then maybe it’s worth a try!
  10. Outlet stores – Outlet stores sometimes keep marking items down until they’re gone. Even high end stores like Nordstrom have their own outlet stores (theirs is called Nordstrom Rack.) I’ve heard from friends that places like that, or even Winners or Homesense can be a great place to find brand name merchandise that will sell for more online.

eBay Inventory – All Stocked Up

We hope you’ve discovered some wonderful places to replenish your eBay inventory, and have fun while doing it! (Seriously, looking through thrift stores and clearance racks gives me a very odd kind of joy.) Happy hunting, all!

This post contains affiliate links. This means we may earn a commission on sales, at no extra cost to you. Thank you.