New Canadian Health and Beauty deals: Multivitamins, essential oils, posture correctors and more

Hi everyone! We just found some great deals we wanted to share on our Health and Beauty Deals page, which we try to update often with the best offers we can find in those categories. Today we updated with some awesome finds like:

  • Nature’s Bounty on sale, 25% off – including a new natural sleep aid called Sleep 3 that I am VERY curious to try.
  • The best back brace/posture corrector on Amazon on sale (so many positive reviews!)
  • Mrs. Meyers on sale – I love those natural cleaning products. They’re probably my absolute favourites, especially the lavender or mint scented ones.

These deals and more are just posted on our Health and beauty deals page, so please pop over and take a look. Bookmark that page if those are categories you’d like to see offers in regularly. Thank you! And happy shopping – and saving!