Save On Foods More Rewards – Best points deals this week AND the best way to spend your points (freebies!)

So, I love Save On Foods. Is it the absolute cheapest place to buy your groceries? Likely, no. But, ever since the pandemic began, Colin and I both felt really comfortable shopping at our local Save On Foods. At that time they provided grocery pick-up services for free. (They’re still only $1.95 during the week, and $2.95 on the weekends. If you ask me, a legitimate bargain!)

And, I’ve found that there are ways to shop at Save On that help you to stretch your dollars as far as possible. Using their Save On More Rewards is one way to do this! (Shopping the sales is always the other way. One of the best ways to make your grocery budget streeeetch further is simply to stock up on items when they’re on sale.) I’ve gotten a ton of free groceries by collecting Save On More Rewards points, so this week I thought I’d pop out this post and see if you guys like the idea of it, too. Are there Save On shoppers out there? Anyone else like me, who really loves Save On?

All of these points offers and deals are in effect July 28, 2022 to August 3, 2022 unless otherwise noted.

Save on Foods app – More Rewards: The single best way to get more points (My offers)

You really need to download Save on Food’s app, and then check your ‘My Offers’ every Thursday. There is almost always a special digital offer of mega points when you buy your groceries that week. For instance, my offer this week is: With every $160 spent, get 2100 points. But, I’ve had offers of up to 3500 points per week! Definitely check your app every Thursday to get your newest ‘My Offers.’

You’ll also receive other special offers that you need to download to your card to receive. Some of the best ones this week are:

  • Pay only $11.99 for Western Family chicken wings
  • Hardbite chips – Buy 2 get 600 points
  • Pay only $4.99 for a 12 pack of Western Family soft toilet paper (This is awesome toilet paper! Tested and approved – hahaha)
  • Earn 2x the points – you’ll get two times the points on everything you buy (but it won’t double the other bonus offer)
  • Pay $1.99 for grape tomatoes
  • Buy 2 get 700 points on Astro yogurt
  • Buy 2 get 600 points on Breton crackers
  • Buy 3 get 1000 points on Annie’s pasta (their gluten free mac and cheese – the white cheddar kind – is my absolute fave, since I have to eat gluten free.)

Save On Foods – More Rewards: Best points deals this week (get more points) – FOOD and DRINKS

  • Earth’s Own oat or almond beverage (oat or almond milk) – 2 for $5 – and Buy 4 get 500 points
  • Fresh Express salad kits (298 or 400 gram bags) – Buy 2 get 1200 points
  • McCain premium french fries – 650 grams – Buy 2 get 900 points
  • Old Dutch Restaurante tortilla chips – 300 gram bags – Buy 2 get 900 points
  • Pinty’s chicken wings (frozen) – 880 or 890 gram boxes – 2000 points
  • Rougette Grilling cheese $8.99 each – Buy 2 get 900 More Rewards points
  • Seven layer dip – made fresh in the deli in store – 420 gram tubs – Buy 2 get 1400 points
  • Tostitos salsa – 418 ml jars – Buy 2 get 1000 points
  • Two Bite Brownies – 265 gram tubs – Buy 2 get 900 points
  • Western Family macaroni & cheese bites – $7.99 each – Buy 2 get 800 points
  • Western Family weiners – original or beef, 375 grams – Buy 2 get 1200 points

More Rewards – Get more points on Health & Beauty & Household and Cleaning

  • Colgate toothbrushes OR Colgate Total Advanced Daily repair toothpaste (120 ml) $4.49 each and buy 2 get 450 points

Save On Foods – This week’s freebies – Use your More Rewards points to get free food

This week there are some awesome freebies to be had! An especially cool one if you have loads of points to spend…

  • Free with 2000 points – Fresh strawberries! I love when they have a fruit or veggie freebie, and I’m totally going to snag these for free this week. 😉 Nothing better than snacking on fruit in the summertime…
  • Free with 2500 points – Haagen-Dazs ice cream tubs (500 ml) OR frozen novelties (3 x 72 ml) – Ooh, a great deal on this one. Excellent free ice cream snacks for the kids. Sure, The kids…
  • Free with 6700 points – Thin sliced chicken breast – Nice, easy way to whip up a quick chicken stir fry. Just slice the thinly sliced chicken breast, and add a bunch of fresh veg. A jar of sauce added will make it extra fast and easy.
  • Free with 60,000 points – JBL Charge 4 bluetooth speaker (the regular price on Amazon for this is $239.99 but it’s on sale right now for $199.99. Nice freebie if you have the points! I never have that many points, I always use them as I get them. I’m impatient like that.)