Shoppers Drug Mart Flyer this Week – Bonus Redemption of PC Optimum points! Plus how to get more points

A bonus redemption event is happening again at Shoppers this week! And yes, that does get us pretty excited. It means you’ll get more free stuff for your accumulated points. Let’s go find all the best way to earn bonus points this week PLUS we’ll talk more about that Bonus Redemption event happening at Shoppers Drug Mart. All deals in effect June 5 to June 10, 2021 unless otherwise noted.

Shoppers Drug Mart Bonus Redemption this Week (PC Optimum points bonus)

This bonus event starts a day earlier than the other flyer sales – and runs from June 4 to June 9, 2021. (Please take note that it ends a day earlier too! Wouldn’t want you to show up at Shoppers hoping to get all those extra freebies, and then be disappointed.)

Bonus redemption week everyone!
  • Spend 50,000 points and get $65 worth of free stuff (A bonus $15 free)
  • Spend 100,000 points and get $140 off your purchase (An extra $40)
  • Spend 200,000 points and get $300 off (An extra $100! Wow)

20,000 bonus points offer this week

To get your 20,000 bonus points offer you’ll simply need to load it onto your app. This is an exclusive offer this week at Shoppers Drug Mart from June 4 to June 9, 2021.

Next Shoppers Seniors Day is…

Thursday, June 10, 2021. This time around the offer for seniors is to save 20% on almost all regular priced merchandise. Remember that you need to scan your PC Optimum card or the app in order to get the deal.

Bonus Points on Baby Stuff – Formula and Diapers

  • Enfamil A+ OR A+2 OR Gentlease ready to feed liquid baby formula (It says this formula comes in nipple-ready bottles, so it’s really ready to feed baby!) 18 bottles for $54.99 and get 2000 points
  • Enfamil baby bottle nipples and rings (for the new ready-to-feed formula bottles – above) $5.49 each and get 500 points

Bonus Points on Beauty Products (Makeup, Haircare, etc.)

  • Avene sun care products (lots of sun block options here) – Buy 2 get 8000 points
  • Bic Soleil razors (3 or 4 in a pack) OR Hybrid razor systems – $6.99 each AND Buy 2 get 4000 points
  • Burt’s Bees blush OR powder OR matte foundation OR tinted moisturizer – Up to 15% off AND Get 2500 points
  • Burt’s Bees (one of my favourite brands!) hydrating lip oils (7.9 grams) OR lip balms in the 2 pack – Buy 2 get 4000 points
  • Dermablend Professional makeup products – Buy 2 get 10,000 points
  • Gillette Sensor, Venus OR Mach 3 disposable razors (selected styles and sizes) – Get 3500 points
  • FRAGRANCES; Hugo Boss fragrances in the 50 to 75 ml bottles – Get 20,000 points
  • Gillette Skinguard, Fusion or Venus (selected sizes) razors – Spend $25 get 6500 points
  • Hawaiian Tropic sun care products – Buy 2 get 4000 points
  • Head and Shoulders supreme colour protect shampoo (350 ml) OR Pantene Blends OR Pantene Hair Affair hair care products – Buy 2 get 5000 points
  • La Roche Posay Anthelios sun care products (like sunblock and sunscreen) Buy 2 get 5000 points
  • Life brand hair removal products – like wax, strips, eyebrow shapers and more – Buy 2 get 2500 points
  • Life brand sun, skin or hair care products – lots of products in this bonus, then! – Spend $20 get 4000 points back
  • Loreal Preference hair colour kits – Buy 2 get 3000 points
  • Marcelle Nano retro eyebrow pencil OR Quintet eye shadows – Buy 2 get 2500 points
  • Natural Instincts OR Nice ‘n Easy hair colour kits – Buy 2 get 1500 points (On sale this week for $6.99 each. Limit of 4 at that price; over limit price $7.99 each.)
  • Olay pressed serums OR overnight masks OR Total Effects facial moisturizers – selected types and sizes – Buy 2 get 6000 points
  • Ombrelle sun care products – selected types – Buy 2 get 4000 points
  • Pacifica Plant Magic nail colour – plant perfect nails for summer – Bio based formulas in long lasting shades – Buy 2 get 5000 points (Vegan nail polish)
  • Pantene colour shampoo (285 ml) OR conditioner (237 ml) OR Head and Shoulder’s Clinical hair care products (including shampoo and conditioner and a spray that helps ease the symptoms and itch of dandruff) – Buy 2 get 3000 points
  • Parissa hair removal products – such as brow waxing kits and bikini waxing kits – Get 1000 points
  • NYX cosmetics – Spend $25 get 20x the points
  • Quo Beauty cotton pads (all sizes), cosmetic bags OR cosmetic implements (like tweezers or eyelash curlers) – Buy 2 get 3000 points
  • Quo Beauty makeup brushes – Get 10x the points
  • Revlon manicure or pedicure products – Buy 2 get 4000 points
  • Root Touch Up Palette, blending gel OR spray hair colour $9.99 each AND Buy 2 get 2000 points
  • Sally Hansen Complete Salon manicure nail enamel – selected types – Buy 2 get 2000 points
  • Vichy Ideal soleil sun care products (Such as their SPF 50 sunblock or it also comes in an SPF 60) – Buy 2 get 4000 points
  • Vichy Mineral Blends makeup – selected types – Get 5000 points

Bonus points on Cleaning Products

  • Finish dishwasher detergent, Air Wick air fresheners OR Lysol cleaning products – Spend $20 or more and get 6000 points
  • Snuggle fabric softener (1.47 L bottle) OR Persil laundry detergent (1.18 L bottle); Selected types – $5.99 each AND get 1000 points

Bonus Points on Food and Groceries

  • Dairyland lactose free milk OR Microfiltered milk – 2 Liters – $4.99 each AND 1000 points

Bonus Points on Gift Cards at Shoppers

I love a good bonus point deal on gift cards! This week get 7500 bonus points for every $50 you spend on Google, Sony, KEG or Kobo gift cards.

Bonus Points on Health Care Products (and Natural Health)

  • Anbesol film foaming gel (3.5 ml) OR Hello charcoal manual toothbrushes (1 in a pack) OR Hello charcoal toothpaste – Get 1000 points
  • Band Aid brand bandages – 10 to 60 in a box; selected types – Get 20x the points
  • Colgate Optic white OR Overnight whitening pen OR Keep Manual toothbrush starter kits – (The Keep manual toothbrush is a NEW product.) Get 3000 points
  • Crest whitening emulsions apply and go whitening treatment OR 3D Whitestrips Charcoal Mint (14 in a pack) $39.99 each AND Get 4000 points
  • Fibre Choice prebiotic chewable fibre tablets (90 in a bottle) – Buy one get one free! – and get 2000 points
  • IBGard multisymptom relief from irritable bowel syndrome – Get 5000 points AND 15% off
  • Life brand disposable razors – 3 to 10 in a pack – Buy 2 get 2000 points
  • Life brand liners OR Ultra thin pans (menstrual pads) – selected sizes – Buy 2 get 2000 points
  • Life brand mouthwash – 1 L bottles – Buy 2 get 2000 points
  • Life brand natural health care products (the flyer shows products such as Melatonin,
  • Listerine mouth wash in the 1.5 L size – Get 20x the points
  • O.B. tampons (18’s) OR Playtex Sport tampons (16-18 in a box) – Buy 2 get 2000 points
  • Oregano oil pills and Echinacea) – Buy 2 get 3000 points
  • PC Natural whey protein powder – selected types – 900 gram tub – Buy 2 get 10,000 points
  • PC Vegan protein powder (840 grams) or Protein + Greens protein powder (520 grams) – All plant based protein powder – Buy 2 get 5000 points
  • Polysporin ointment OR skin care products by Polysporin or Aveeno for treating eczema – 15% off AND Get 5x the points
  • Reactine rapid dissolve tablets (allergy pills) – 48 in a box – Get 20x the points
  • Refresh eye drops (20-30 ml size bottles) – Up to 20% off AND Get 10x the points
  • Webber Naturals collagen products – Buy 3 get 5000 points
  • U by Kotex tampons (30s to 32s) OR liners (80’s to 126’s) OR pads (20’s to 60’s) $8.99 each AND Get 1000 points on each

Shoppers Bonus Event and Bonus Points this Week – Conclusion

There we have it! Loads and loads of ways to not only stock up on more points, but also the best way to spend those points if you have lots of them already collected. Happy – and safe – shopping to you! 🙂

This post contains affiliate links. This means we could earn a commission on sales made through those links, at no extra cost to you.

Real Canadian Superstore Flyer this week – Best PC Optimum Points offers, bonuses, and deals (Points haul!)

It’s time to plan your weekly shop, bargaineers! Yes, I am talking all about Real Canadian Superstore today, and the best deals they have to let you rack up major PC Optimum points! The more points you collect, the more you can save. 10,000 points = $10 of free stuff at Superstore (or Shoppers Drug Mart, for that matter.)

Let’s go do some points hunting, shall we? Offers are in effect from Friday, May 14 to Thursday, May 20.

When do the new Superstore flyers come out?

The new Superstore flyers come out every Thursday, but the prices in them come into effect the next day – every Friday. Keep this in mind, especially if you do online shopping!

Superstore Free Offer this week – Free Gift when you spend $300

If you’re doing a big shop, then you’ll want to know about the free gift offer at Superstore this week. (This is for the Western region.) This week if you spend $300 or more, and you can show the coupon from the flyer, you can get a $25 value Copperstone sun and skin care pack for FREE!

Bonus PC Optimum Points on Food and Drinks

  • Anchor’s Bay cooked clam meat (340 grams) OR seafood medley (360 gram packages) OR basa fillets (400 grams) – $5.98 each AND 1000 points
  • Bubly sparkling flavoured water, Montellier water or Evian water – Get 2500 points for every $10 spent
  • Christie Crispers crackers – selected varieties – 145 gram bags – Buy 2 get 1000 points
  • Doritos tortilla chips – 155 grams to 235 gram size bags – Buy 2 get 1000 points
  • PC coffee pods (like Keurig) – package of 30 pods – OR – Whole bean coffee (907 grams) $12.98 each AND 2000 points
  • Pepsi soft drinks – selected multi can or bottle packs – 300 points
  • Starbucks Iced espresso or iced coffee beverages (found in the refrigerated section)

Bonus PC Optimum Points on Health and Beauty

  • Tresemme hair care (shampoo, conditioner), styling products (like hairspray, mousse or gel) or Root Touch Up – selected varieties and sizes – Buy 2 get 1500 bonus points

Bonus PC Optimum Points on HOME and GARDEN Products

  • 5000 points on every $15 spent on patio accessories – such as patio furniture and a lot more

Special Optical Offer (Eyeglasses on sale at Superstore)

This is a very cool offer to tell you about this week. If you’re a CAA member (Canadian Automobile Association) then you can save 40% this week on an entire eyeglass purchase. You’ll likely just need to show your CAA card to get this special deal. This offer is in effect from May 13-19, 2021.

Bonus PC Optimum points on Gas (at Esso or Mobil gas stations)

Another cool offer this week is this one: Get 30 bonus points per litre of gas purchased at Esso or Mobil gas stations. This weekend only – so this offer is in effect from May 13-16, 2021. Make sure to show your PC Optimum card or app to get this deal and collect those extra points. Hey, gas prices are going up, so we might as well offset it a bit with extra points, right?

Shoppers Drug Mart Flyer this week – PC Optimum points and specials – Bonus Redemption this week!

Oh yeah! It’s time to prepare yourself for your next (safe) shopping trip to Shoppers Drug Mart. And as always, we’re all about racking up as many PC Optimum points as we possibly can. Why? Because once we hit 10,000 points it equals $10 of free stuff! So, by shopping smart we can get lots of valuable freebies.

Please note that most of the special offers in this post are available at Shoppers from May 8 to May 14, 2021, unless otherwise indicated.

Shoppers Bonus Redemption Event this week – Get more free stuff!

From Friday, May 7, 2021 to Wednesday, May 12, 2021 you can get more free stuff with your PC Optimum points! As you can see in the graphic above, you can get up to $300 of free stuff when you redeem 200,000 points – like getting an extra $100 absolutely FREE! If you have a whole bunch of points and you’ve been waiting for a Bonus Redemption at Shoppers, then this might be the perfect week to go stock up on freebies.

20,000 Bonus points – Load it on your PC Optimum or Shoppers Drug Mart App

Starting Friday May 7th, there is also another bonus you should know about at Shoppers this week. Load your special 20,000 bonus points offer – a $20 value.

Bonus Points on Beauty and Makeup

  • Pantene, Olay, Gillette, Gillette Venus or Crest products – Get 10,000 points when you spend $50 or more on these brands
  • Avene Anti-aging skin care productsBuy 2 get 8000 points
  • Bic Flex4 (4’s) OR Bic Soleil (2 or 3 in a pack) disposable razors OR Hybrid razor sytems – $7.99 each and Buy 2 get 4000 points
  • Bic Soleil disposable razors (2’s) OR Flex5 Hybrid razors OR Soleil Click 5 razors system (1’s) $9.99 each AND buy 2 get 4000 points
  • Dermablend professional concealing products – Get 8000 points
  • E.l.f eye products – like eye shadow and eyeliner – Buy 2 get 2000 points
  • Hawaiian tropic sun care products – like sunblock, sunscreen or after sun care products – Buy 2 get 4000 points
  • Head and Shoulders Clinical Strength – itch relief mist, or Clinical strength shampoo or conditioner (400 ml) – Buy 2 get 3000 points
  • La Roche Posay anthelios Shaka BodySPF 50 – Get 5000 points
  • Life Brand body wash OR hair removal products – Buy 2 get 2500 points
  • Life Brand shave cream OR gel Buy 2 get 2000 points
  • Life brand sun care OR hair care products – Spend $20 get 4000 points
  • Loreal Bambi Eye mascara OR Matte signature eyeliner – Buy 2 get 2000 points
  • Neostrata skin care products – Buy 2 get 10,000 points
  • Nivea Men shave or skin care products – Buy 2 get 2000 points
  • Natural Instincts OR Nice ‘n Easy OR Root Touch Up haircolouring kits – Buy 2 get 3000 points
  • Ombrelle sun care products, selected types and sizes – Buy 2 get 4000 points
  • Pixi cosmetics or skin care products – Buy 2 get 4000 points
  • Quo Beauty cosmetic brushes – Spend $25 and get 5000 points
  • Quo Beauty false lashes OR accessories – Spend $25 get 5000 points
  • Quo Beauty hair accessories – like ponytail holders/bands or hair clips – Buy 3 get 3000 points
  • Revlon eye or brow productsBuy 2 get 3000 points
  • Revlon Super lustrous OR Revlon Glass shine lip colour $5.99 each AND buy 2 get 2000 points
  • Revolution Hyaluronic fix hydrating and plumping makeup fixing spray, OR Hydrate & Prime OR Colour Correct & Fix primer – Buy 2 get 2000 points
  • Secret Collection hoisery – leggings and pantyhose – Buy 2 get 2500 points
  • Thayers Toners OR Olay mask gel overnight masks (50 ml) OR Total Effects facial moisturizers – (The Thayers Toners are a new product) – Buy 2 get 6000 points
  • Tresemme shampoo or conditioner (big 828 ml bottles) OR Pantene Blends (237 ml) OR Hair Affair styling products (Excludes largest size bottles) – Buy 2 get 3000 points

Bonus Points on Food and Groceries

  • Heinz ketchup – Get 1000 points on the 750 ml – 1 liter size bottles

Bonus points on Fragrances (Perfume, Eau de Toilette, cologne)

Bonus Points on Gift Cards at Shoppers

  • Happy Her gift cards – allows them to shop at David’s Tea, DSW, Milestones restaurant, Indigo/Chapters, Sportschek, Roots or Saks off 5th – Spend $50 and get 5000 points

Bonus Points on HEALTH Products and Vitamins and Supplements

  • Colgate Maxwhite manual toothbrush OR Maxfresh toothpaste (150 ml) OR Total Advanced toothpaste (70 ml) – Buy 2 get 1500 points
  • Colgate Optic White overnight whitening pen OR Keep manual toothbrush starter kit – Get 3000 points
  • Crest whitening emulsions Apply & Go whitening treatment (12 ml) OR 3D White strips charcoal mint (14’s) $39.99 each and buy 2 get 10,000 points
  • Life Brand Vitamins or natural health supplements (such as Glucosamine Chondroitin) – Buy 2 get 3000 points
  • RenewLife probiotic supplements and cleanses – Up to 15% off AND Get 3000 points
  • Trainer’s Choice Health support products – like wrist or knee braces – Up to 15% off AND Get 10x the points
  • U by Kotex tampons, liners or pads – selected sizes – $8.99 each and get 1000 points

Bonus Points on Household and Cleaning Products

  • Bounty paper towels – (1 roll, but it’s the triple sized roll so one roll is like three) – Buy 2 get 1000 points
  • Dawn dish soap, Mr. Clean cleaners (828 ml bottles) or magic erasers (2 to 8 in a pack); selected types $3.49 each AND Buy 2 get 1000 points
  • Snuggle dryer sheets (120’s) OR Persil laundry detergent (1.18 L) OR Purex laundry detergent (1.92 L – 2.03 L sizes) $5.99 each AND get 1000 points

Every Thursday is Seniors’ Day at Shoppers. This coming week, you’ll gt 20% off all regular priced merchandise. Please remember, though, that you’ll need to have your PC Optimum card or app ready to scan to get your sale prices.

Sign up for Shoppers Emails and Get 10,000 Free Points

It’s an easy way to earn 10,000 free points – simply sign up for the Shoppers Drug Mart email notices.

Shoppers Bonus PC Optimum Points – Conclusion

There we have it! Another week filled with excellent opportunities to rack up those awesome points. Have a safe shopping trip – and when in doubt, remember that Shoppers Drug Mart does deliver. Happy shopping everyone! 🙂

This post contains affiliate links, meaning we could earn a small commission on sales made through those links at no extra cost to you.

Shoppers Voice Surveys – Take a Canadian survey and be entered to win a $1500 prize

Shoppers Voice is looking for more people to take their surveys! You fill out the survey, and will get coupons and freebies in return. Yes! If there’s anything I like even more than a high value coupon, it’s a freebie!

This month they are also running a $1500 gift card giveaway. (From what I can tell, I think this is a prepaid credit card, so you can use it anywhere. Nice.) If you like taking surveys for fun, you might as well get a few coupons and freebies on the products you love. And of course, it is entirely free – they just want consumer feedback on products.

This post contains affiliate links – meaning we could earn a small commission at no cost to you. Thank you bargaineers.

A&W Free Coffee Event – Free Coffee in Canada – until January 17, 2021

We love coffee around here. I mean, who doesn’t? And that coffee tastes even better when it’s our favourite price – FREE! A&W has a special FREE COFFEE offer going on right now and lasting until January 17, 2021. Order ANY SIZE of A&W’s delicious coffee every day until then, and get your caffeine fix for free. (One per person per day.) No coupons needed – just drive through the drive thru and order your free coffee.

And we’re not talking about some cheap coffee here: A&W’s coffee is organic, Fairtrade coffee. It is also really delicious tasting coffee. Have you guys tried it? If not, this is the time!

Safeway Gift Cards – Bonus Gift Card deals at Safeway and Sobeys this week!

I LOVE a good gift card deal! Why? Because if you get a free gift card to one of your favourite grocery stores, just for buying stuff you already were going to buy – well, that’s free food people!

This week both Safeway and Sobeys have some interesting gift card offers that I think you need to know about. Here’s what they are, so that you can plan ahead on your shopping and get the most overall bang for your buck. Remember to bring along coupons for that Huggie’s diaper gift card promotion.

Safeway Gift Cards – $10 Safeway or Sobeys gift card this week with $40 Huggies purchase

  • Spend $40 or more on Huggies diapers, Pull Ups or Goodnites overnight diapers in a single transaction and receive a $10 Sobeys or Safeway gift card! (Limit of 1 gift card per customer.)
  • You can still use coupons on the diapers, too, so make this an excellent money saver by using coupons on the packs of diapers or wipes. Then, you’ll have $10 of free money to spend at the grocery store next time you shop!
  • Offer valid August 13-19, 2020.

Safeway gift cards – Buy $200 in HBC or Roots gift cards, get a $25 Sobeys or Safeway gift card FREE

  • Offer available at either Sobeys or Safeway this week. Now, I know that buying $200 worth of gift cards is a lot to shell out. BUT…if you have kids going back to school, then this might be the perfect way to get them dressed up and ready! You can also use the gift card to buy at Hudson’s Bay online, or So, no need to go to a mall to use these gift cards!
  • If you don’t NEED the gift cards, you can always exchange them for other gift cards OR give away the gift cards as gifts. (Does that seem super obvious to anyone besides me? Ha!)
  • And then once you’ve purchased the Roots or RBC cards, you’ll get your FREE $25 Safeway or Sobeys gift card! This is an excellent deal!
  • Offer valid August 13-19, 2020.

I hope you can take advantage of these deals to earn some free Safeway and Sobeys gift cards. Nothing tastes better than free groceries.

Shoppers Voice Surveys – Get Free Stuff for filling out surveys in Canada

Do you love expressing your opinion? We all do! I’ve been filling out Shoppers Voice surveys for years (well, I’m sure it’s over a decade now to be honest!) And, once you fill out their surveys, they’ll send you freebies and coupons – all based on the products you already use.

Surveys are fun, but they’re also valuable when you get free stuff in return. If you haven’t filled out Shoppers Voice surveys before, I’d highly recommend them. I’ve gotten free hair stuff (shampoo and conditioner), free swanky skincare items, and loads of high value coupons on groceries that I already use and love.

They just ask that the main grocery shopper in the home fill out the survey. Have fun!