Save On Foods More Rewards – How to get more bonus points this week! (Best offers AND Best freebies)

Like I mentioned last time, I love Save On Foods. I find that using their More Rewards points program really helps us to save more on our grocery shopping there. So, in today’s post I’ll link up the best way to EARN more Save On points and how to get more stuff for FREE! (Freebies, woohoo!) Find all our recent Save On posts here, so you can comparison shop a bit, and see what other deals and offers have been run recently.

The Best way to get more MORE REWARD Points – the Save On app & My Rewards

Definitely the way to rack up points the quickest is by downloading Save On’s app, and checking for your ‘My Rewards’ points every Thursday. These offers may change according to how you shop, but let me show you some that were on my app today, to give you an idea. Check your app to see exactly what offers are available to you!

  • 2x the points – Earn double the points on everything, but does not apply to the mega points offer (below, offer #2)
  • With every $160 spent get 2100 points – the best way to rack up more points! But obviously, only if you need to spend that amount on your weekly groceries. Shop smart! 😉
  • Almond breeze almond milk (and other alternative milks) – Buy 3 get 1000 points
  • Montellier sparkling water – Buy 3 get 300 points

Best MORE REWARDS Offers on Food, Groceries & Drinks this week

FREEBIE OFFER: Buy $10 worth of selected General Mills products (including Nature Valley bars, Liberte greek yogurt and General Mills cereals) and get a FREE pack of Yoplait yogurt tubes (8×56 gram.) Free yogurt makes this an awesome deal! And all the products are on sale this week too.

  • BAKERY: Kaiser buns, pack of 6 $2.99 and Buy 2 get 350 points
  • Jack Links beef jerky, selected varieties in bag sizes of 80 grams each – $5.49 each AND Buy 2 get 500 points
  • PRODUCE: Premium sweet corn, packs of 4 corn on the cob (partially unpeeled) – Buy 2 get 1600 points
  • PRODUCE: Western Family mini potatoes 680 gram bag – $3.99 each AND Buy 2 get 400 points
  • Western Family applesauce cups (6 pack) – Buy 2 get 500 points
  • Western Family BBQ Sauce – Buy 2 get 700 points
  • Western Family chewy Granola bars, regular or dipped in chocolate (regular size boxes) – Buy 3 get 700 points
  • Western Family Grab n’ Go snack mixes – these are nut and candy mixes in tubs; assorted varieties $4.89 each AND buy 2 get 550 points
  • Western Family Greek yogurt (4 x 100 grams) – Buy 2 get 800 points
  • Western Family kettle potato chips – 200 gram bags – Buy 3 get 1000 points
  • Western Family lemonade or iced tea – 1.89 liter bottles – 2 for $5 AND buy 2 get 300 points
  • Western Family wieners (hot dogs) 2 for $9.00 – 450 points
  • Western Family signature Chocolate Covered almonds (YUM!!) – Buy 3 get 1100 points
  • Western Family veggie burgers – Frozen – 568 gram packs – Buy 2 get 1600 points
  • Woolwich Goat feta crumbles (cheese) 175 gram tub – $7.99 and Buy 2 get 800 points

Quaker Instant Oats – Maple & Brown Sugar | Betty Crocker Butter and Herb instant mashed potatoes


  • Bag-to-Earth Food waste bags $7.79 each AND Buy 2 get 800 points

Window squeegee – high ratings! | Rubbermaid Power Scrubber for tiles and grout

Save On Foods – Freebies this week (OR…how to spend those More Rewards points!)

Yeah, freebies! Who doesn’t love a good freebie? Here are some of the best ways to spend your points this week to get some free food:

  • Free with 1100 points – Western Family bags of candy, selected types – 180 gram bags
  • Free with 1800 points – Western Family soft drinks – packs of 12 cans, selected varieties. A great deal!
  • Free with 3000 points – HOT OFFER! – Western Family stuffed chicken cutlettes (cutlets) – Frozen, selected varieties. 852 gram box. (These retail for $14.99 so these are an incredible offer!!) If I didn’t have to eat gluten free, I would totally take advantage of this offer.
  • Free with 3200 points – Earthbound Farm organic spring mix salad mix, tub of 142 grams