PC Optimum Points at Real Canadian Superstore this Week (August 4-10, 2022)

Hello everyone! We’re out to find the best ways to maximize your PC Optimum points haul this week while doing your grocery shopping at Superstore. And, I was pretty happy with all the points on necessities like cleaning products this week…hope you find the deals to be just as awesome as I did. Let’s go!

Deals in effect August 4, 2022 to August 10, 2022 unless otherwise indicated.

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PC Financial Mastercard – special credit card offers (100,000 points offer)

PC Financial is offering a huge PC Optimum points bonus when you apply for the PC Mastercard. It’s a no-fee Mastercard, so if you’ve been shopping for a new credit card, you might want to take note of this offer.

Until August 14, get a 100,000 point bonus when you apply for and are accepted for the PC Mastercard. That’s like $100 of free groceries! Visit https://pcfinancial.ca for more details and to apply.

Bonus PC Optimum Points on FOOD & GROCERIES

I loooove all things ice cream, so I especially appreciated the Nestle drumsticks offer on this week!

  • Balderson cheese, selected varieties in package sizes of 250 or 280 grams each – $8.99 each AND Buy any 2 get 3000 points
  • Becel margarine – $6.29 for a 637/850 gram tub – Get 500 points
  • Bertolli or Carapelli olive oil, 500 ml to 1 liter sizes – $8.99 with a limit of 4 AND 1000 points (great deal on this one.)
  • Billy Bee liquid honey – 1 kg squeeze bottle – $10.99 each with a limit of 4 AND 1000 points
  • Larabars5000 points for every $20 spent. This is a great offer, because boy do I love a good Larabar! I’m eating one right now. 😉
  • Nestle Drumsticks and novelties – ICE CREAM SNACKS, YEAH! – For every $10 spent on selected varieties (see in store for details) get 3000 points back. Nice one, and a great way to stock up your freezer with ice cream must-haves in this hot weather.
  • Pringles super stack chips, party stack chips, or snack stack, Townhouse Keebler crackers, or Kellogg’s Cheez-its crackers – For every $8 spent get 2000 points (THIS IS AN OFFER ON THE PC OPTIMUM APP)
  • PRODUCE: PC Live lettuce $2.49 with a limit of 4 AND get 500 points
  • Starbucks iced coffee – refrigerated, and in sizes of 1.18 or 1.42 liters – $6.99 each and 1000 bonus points (In my online searching, I also found this Starbucks cold brew on sale for 25% off at Amazon right now!)

Bonus PC Optimum points on HEALTH & BEAUTY PRODUCTS

  • Loreal Lash paradise mascara OR Infallible eyeliners – Buy any 2 and get 2000 points back
  • Pacifica Beauty face wash – like their Kale Detox or Glow baby brightening face wash – $12.99 each AND 1000 points
  • Quo Beauty – For every $25 spent on Quo Beauty colour cosmetics, nail colour, bath products, hair care or accessories get 5000 points back.
  • Sensodyne or ProNamel toothpaste OR Polident tablets (40s) OR Poligrip, 40 grams – selected varieties – Buy any 2 get 1000 points


Lots of points on cleaning essentials this week! Woohoo, at least it makes all that cleaning more bearable. Haha

  • Cascade dishwasher tabs 39-60 $13.96 with a limit of 4 AND 2000 points
  • Clorox liquid bleach – 2.4 L – $3.29 with a limit of 4 AND 500 points
  • Dawn liquid dish soap – 431-473 ml $1.99 AND 200 points
  • Febreze car clips OR Fabric care 800 ml – $4.99 each with a limit of 4 AND 500 points
  • Pine Sol liquid (1.4 L) – $3.46 with a limit of 4 AND 500 points
  • Sunlight liquid laundry detergent – 5.6 L – $12.99 each with a limit of 4 AND 2000 points (Great deal here!)
  • Swiffer wet or dry cloth refills or duster kit $6.29 each with a limit of 4 AND 1000 points
  • Vileda broom, mop or toilet brush cleaning set – 1000 points

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