Scotiabank Customer Service – Phone numbers and mailing address

Sometimes you simply must contact your bank. If you bank with Scotiabank, then you’ll want to know how to contact customer service by phone, or by letter. Here are the best ways to get directly in touch with a Bank of Nova Scotia customer service representative.

Scotiabank Customer Service – Phone numbers

One of the easiest ways to contact Scotiabank is by phoning them directly. The Canadian customer service number is 1-800-472-6842. Then, you’ll be given a list of options to choose so that you talk to someone who can best help you.

Scotiabank Customer Service – on the Scotiabank App

If you have the Scotiabank app, simply go to the More Option choice (the three lines on the lower left hand side of your gadget screen.) Then pick Contact Us and you’ll be given these options:

  • Book an appointment – to go in and speak to a financial advisor at a bank branch near you
  • Visit the online community – to get your questions answered online
  • Send us feedback – which is only to provide feedback via an online mini survey
  • Call us – this is a good choice! You’ll immediately get all the phone numbers to contact customer service. You’ll get a number for North America, outside North America, a phone number for the hearing impaired and a different number for credit card inquiries/fraud concerns. (The credit card inquiries number in Canada or the US is 1-800-387-6466.)

Scotiabank Customer Service – for the Scotia Mastercard (Phone number)

If you hold a Scotia Mastercard, and need to speak to customer service about your card, then call 1-866-286-4517.

Scotiabank Customer Service – Mailing Address

There are quite a few different Scotiabank mailing addresses to choose from! They’re all found on their Mailing addresses page, and include addresses for the head office, customer service, credit cards, iTrade, and Scotiabank Student Loan Centre.

Scotiabank Customer Service Email address

Sorry you guys, we searched and searched, but simply could not yet find an email to contact Scotiabank. If and when we do find that email address, we’ll add it here.