Tresanti Adjustable Height Desk – Work from Home Essentials (Sit and Stand Desk)

Tresanti adjustable height desks have been incredibly popular ever since the pandemic began. Why? With more people than ever before working from home, they also need essential office furniture, such as this high quality desk. The best feature of this desk is, of course, the ability to work at it while either sitting OR standing. This popular work from home desk consistenly receives a 4.5/5 star rating – so customers just love it.

5 Benefits of Working while Standing

But why even bother with the extra cost of a standing desk? Medical researchers keep finding more reasons why working while standing is so much better for your health:

  1. People who stand while working tend to have lower rates of obesity. Standing means you’re up and active!
  2. Standing may lower your risk of heart disease.
  3. Standing while working may increase productivity. It’s not known exactly why, but perhaps when you’re up and moving around more – and the increased blood flow that creates – it helps the brain keep active and creative.
  4. Standing while working sheds more calories than sitting at a desk. One study found that the mere act of standing burns 88 calories an hour. Who knew!? That is the simple act of standing, but when standing you’re more likely to move around a bit more, meaning even more calories could potentially be burnt.
  5. Standing can improve posture. We all know the tendency to hunch over our laptops when we’re working on them from home without a proper desk. Standing at your desk means less strain on your back, and seemingly a better posture.

Knowing a few of the benefits of a sitting AND standing desk combo, I went on a hunt to find if Tresanti adjustable height desks are currently available online. Given the current supply chain crisis, I was genuinely curious to see if it was even possible to buy one of these desks right now. It is! Yay! As of today there are still Desanti desks available for purchase.

Tresanti Adjustable Height Desk on Amazon

I found the Tresanti adjustable height desk in black available on Amazon. There are still 4 left in stock as of time of writing, with not too bad a wait time for delivery – fastest delivery is in as little as two days. For free shipping, you’re looking at approximately a one week delivery time.

Here are the features of this desk that makes it so ideal for working from home:

  • 4 programmable height settings (cool, right?) Allows you the ability to work comfortably while either sitting or standing. And yes, it’s healthy to be able to stand sometimes (or all the time) while you’re working on your laptop.
  • Black glass top desk with a black metal frame. Will fit in with pretty much any office decor you have. (If you’re looking for a desk in white, I found this one with excellent reviews and a lower cost.)
  • USB chargers power up to 3 devices at once!
  • LED touch control on the glass desktop

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